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Megadosing Fish Oil Negative Effects


if you have ever mega dosed fish oil, somewhere between 30-45g per day have you noticed any negative effects in terms of blood thinning? im about to start megadosing the standard 120/180 caps because it is cheaper and itll give me more EPA and DHA. im going to start just taking 30g a day.


it totally does, i noticed when i was cutting myself earlier


what are the benefits of megadosing?


Read MODOK's Q 'n A nutrition thread.
I asked the same thing a couple of pages back.


Thank You.


any idea what page its on?


it essentially saturates the blood levels quicker as well as in your cells


MODOK's response is on the 7th page.


Cut my face shaving and bled like a fountain. Also became flatter, and vascularity decreased. Not a good cosmetic effect for leaner hardgainer types --- great for husky endomorphs perhaps.



Really? i got a lot more vascular and fuller... bleeding is a lot too

i was going to make a post about this but is there any anabolic effect to mega dosing fish oil? i read somewhere that for kids still growing it does but not in an adult. when i find the link ill post it


I don't know where on the site it was discussed, but in one of the forums there was a bit of discussion about how mega-dosing omega-3's can kill the libido. I don't recall the why and how, though.


how much were you taking?


I never had any issues with mega dosing fish oil... And I did find it helped not only lean out but also put on some half decent muscle at the same time.

I was dosing 1 teaspoon (5g) after each of my meals, so 6x a day. And I felt this worked much better than taking a tablespoon (15g) 2x a day.


There was a thread a while ago where a bunch of guys (myself included) reported ED from megadosing fish oil. A lot of others chimed in saying it was impossible, blah blah, so I thought it might have been something in the capsules other than the fish oil itself.

If it's true that megadosing causes blood thinning, that might explain the ED.


I just don't see the point of mega-dosing fish oil. Take 4-6 Flameout a day and don't make it so damn complicated, lol...


i also wanted to bump up my EPA that Flameout doesnt have much of. this is also cheaper.


I've found the opposite reaction.


Way too much.

4 tbs of fishoil + 4 tbs of olive oil per day.

Flat, deflated and softer appearing. Flipped the script to all egg yolks and red meat and visually "blew up" in 10 days and looked leaner again.



That's you in the avi, right? Sick physique! : )


Yes. Thank you.

For me personally, fishoil or ANY anti-inflammatory inducing products need to be kept to normal dosing and never over dosed. I do not respond well to the effects.

Organic egg yolks blended into my shakes are a staple for off-season.