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Megadeth - Endgame


Fuck. Yes.

\m/ \m/

I dont think Mustaine ever hits a wall when it comes to song writing. Typical Megadeth! Making a badass album like this! The solos have never been this good since Friedman left and holy shit Broderick actually plays just like Friedman in some parts, and then follows it up with some typical Broderick shredding and leaves a wake of destruction in his path. I think this rubbed off on Mustaine 'cause he too threw in some of his most impressive solos to date!
Back to back, face-melting shred that will leave you going home with your face in a jar!

I enjoyed every second of Endgame. My neck still hurts...

Anyone else get it? Thoughts?


I didn't even know it was out yet. The only track I have heard is Headcrusher, and I think it's a solid "Rust In Peace-ish" Megadeth song. Definitely going to pick this one up soon.

You can take this discussion in the Death Metal thread BTW:


Oh oops, thanks :wink:


or start a thrash metal thread...


Dude thanks for the heads up, maybe this will make up for Muse's latest.

Checked out one song and I dig it already hopefully the whole thing is as good as you say.


Nice, I'll get this. I've been listening to Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction non-stop.


Thanks for the heads up, big Megadeth fan here but out of touch with the music scene of late...had no idea they had a new one out! I thought their last 2 were pretty solid. Peace Sells remains my all-time fav.


i've lost touch with megadeth in the last few years....really with metal in general. i need to go pick this up to get back into it!



This album seems like it's going to be solid.