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Megabolic Drive???


Ok my friend tim begged me to look into this thing called the megabolic drive which is by freakygrowth or freakybig ... both are .com i think. Anyway it says something like steroid gains naturally by using training secrets...now even though my brain is tellin me this is BS...im DIEING to find out if it really is. Anyone bought this program? or have any idea what they are talking about?


Never heard of it, but from my experience anything that claims to give steriod-like gains without steriods is nothing more than a big, empty marketting fluff.


Ain't happening


I assure you it's crap, but just for fun, I checked it out.

You can listen to his audio pitch from this link.


I downloaded part1 in mp3 format, but I'll never listen to it. I'm sure you can listen to it from there. And if you just change the 'part1' to 'part2' then 'part3' in the URL, you can listen to the other 2 parts, too.

Ah what the hell, here's the links.



This is in NO WAY any kind of endorsement for this shit, I'm just helping a brother out.

Fill your boots, bud.

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Megabolic? How could it be wrong? 'Freaky big natural' training? How could it not work?

How do these ppl sleep at night?

Gave me a good laugh though.


Here's some more details for your amusement.

The URL with his complete pitch is here.


The total cost of his 'program' is $97 ONLY until Jan 30, 2006 then it's the 'normal' price of $197. Anyone want to bet that by Feb 1, 2006 that deadline has been extended?

I will say this tho, he IS kind of freaky looking. <:slight_smile:

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I was doing some research on Wade McNutt and I don't know most I got out of it after listening to his audion was basically you need to eat rock,( micronutrients) you need to meditate, ( basically pray you can shit the rocks), and I don't remember the other part,

Any how, I was looking him up and he's peddling hemp protein and colon cleansing, Well some thing like that check out the link


"I was doing squats and I was able to get 1 supergrowth rep and my legs couldn't stop growing for 2 weeks... I put an inch and a half on each thigh!"

wow...1 rep adds over 1.5 inches, i cant wait!

"You won?t be able to stop your muscles from Swelling like crazy... even if you want to!"

Maybe thats what happen to Valentine...it wasnt synthol!

Give me a break... 50 pounds of muscle in 1 year or your money back. I think I might take him up on it.

We should all put in 1 dollar and see what this shit is. None of those seminars alluded to ANYTHING about the program except how great it is.


Excuse me while I go vomit now.


my friend tim ordered it...and hes gonna try it...i might too i dunno cnt hurt? i didnt pay for it right.


just make sure to post here and tell us what the "magic rep" is, im actually kind of interested in what it could possibly be.

BTW... Anyone find it interesting that the guy hawking the product isnt really all that big?


Wait theres more

An advertisement supposedly written by the guy.

He says that whey protein powder is actually causing those big bodybuilder bellies, not GH. Consuming whey protein powder causes intestinal toxemia, and 99.9% of bodybuilders have this.

But you can solve this by buying his hemp protein powder. And you need to act now because he only is allowing 98 people to get in on his deal.

Not sure if you are supposed to smoke it or eat it. Hey lets bake some brownies. (Yes I know the diff between hemp and Mary Jane.)

Now 10 grams of hemp is more anabolic then 50 grams of whey. (And maybe will add 4 inches to your dick.)

He says he wrote the book Fat Burners for Dummies. I found references to Custom Fat burners for Dummies, but with a female author. And this book does not seem to still be out.

If this is the crap he is promoting, be very careful believing anything by this person.


why pay for questionable training ideas when there are hundreds(if not thousands) of free articles on this site written by well respected/reputable professionals


Because they're training secrets!

Curiosity killed the cat


C'mon, man. If they are asking money for it, then its gotta be good. I mean, no one is going to give away the secrets of the trade for free. I think the T-Nation writers are just filling our heads with lies so that we won't grow big and strong like them, and make our own T-Nation-esque websites.


He's not spending money on it. His "friend" is.


Why are we linking to this guy and promoting his shitty scam by discussing it?


For entertainment value. Nobody's gonna go for this shit here. This guy is unbelievable.


Try it. Report back. At least you won't be wasting your moeny.


Hey, guess what? The half price offer has been extended until Feb. 6. Unfuckenbelievable!

I'd have never posted the links if I actually thought that facko, or his buddy Tim, was gonna go for this shit. I feel bad, maybe I should pay for it. LMFFAO..........

I'm sure that Tim was gonna buy this shit no matter what was said here, anyhow.

Facko, I can't imagine that you'd have to pay for the same info Tim buys. You ever hear of a photocopier?

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