Mega Shoulder Glider HIIT

I am currently on a cut where I do approximately 30 min. of HIIT 2x/week on my rest days. However, I recently pulled a hamstring (sprints) and found this while looking for something to do instead while the leg heals:

The article outlines approaches for GPP, recovery, and mass building, but nothing for fat-loss/HIIT. What would be your suggestions?

I was thinking go as fast as I can for 30s w/ the standard forward grip, rest for 3-4 min (this seems too much for just an upper body workout, though) and repeat for about 6 cycles. Or maybe instead of the standard, bring my arm around in a big circle, more like I’m swimming.

I’ll probably just use fresh socks or an old t-shirt on a wood floor instead of the lid.

EDIT: 3-4 min is way too much rest unless I’m doing some sort of highly active rest. Also, 30s didn’t seem long enough to get the training effect… barely broke a sweat. Socks don’t work so well on a synthetic wood floor.

For best fat loss results a 1:2 up to a 1:1 work:rest ratio is optimal.

I would suggest starting on the “easy” side and gradually increasing the work duration, then increasing the work:rest ratio.

For example:

Week 1: 15 sec work : 45 sec rest (acclimatation week)
Week 2: 15 sec work : 30 sec rest x 8
Week 3: 15 sec work : 30 sec rest x 10
Week 4: 15 sec work: 30 sec rest x 12

Week 5: 30 sec work: 60 sec rest x 6
Week 6: 30 sec work: 60 sec rest x 8
Week 7: 30 sec work : 45 sec rest x 8
Week 8: 30 sec work : 30 sec rest x 8

Thanks coach… 'll give it a shot