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Mega-Shoulder Glider 2004

I don’t know why this beautiful idea has gone unrecognized for so long but let me be the first to comment on how effective this really is. I’ve been doing lots of core/o-lifting over the last 8 monthes or so all the while just about ignoring direct, focused upper body work. I introduced myself to the mega-shoulder glider (i use a plastic garbage pick up pan) and I’m really stoked about the results. I haven’t measured anything per se but as the mirror as my witness my results have been great. Iv’e even introduced “walking” up a long slight incline (olympic oval calgary) as a means to further this “experiment”. At this rate im not sure if I’m ever going to do direct upper body work again!..well maybe a little.

Thanks coach!


When something is simple, it doesn’t attract a large following. It’s weird isn’t it … quality doesn’t sell, complexity does. Beats me.