Mega shake and protein breakdown

I absolutely hate picking up my shaker and (after having washed it out previously of course) having it smell like you sold your ass to the devil.

Instead of washing the shaker three times a day after three, 8-oz shakes is there any negative affects to making one 24-oz shake in the morning and taking your 8-oz each time and sticking it back in the fridge.

I make my shakes with milk and obviously the milk stays good in the fridge, but I was wondering if the whey would break down, peptides go streaming around, or BCAA chains get broken? Ok, im kidding some but hopefully you understand my question.

I know I know. I’ll go ahead and get the “Buy more shakers” and “wash your shakers better”, etc responses out of the way. And now dont say “buy more shakers” or “wash your shakers better” since I just said them…even though that is funny and I like doing it myself.

I don’t see a problem with it. Another option is to buy a pack of water bottles, empty the water into a pitcher and fill the bottles with powder then when ready just add water or milk. This is what I usually do when traveling.

Always keep two scoops of whey in your cheeks.

wash your shaker out with a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in the water - works like an absolute charm!!!

(kudos to my girlfriend’s mum for suggesting it)


another good method i use is that when i wash the shaker out with liquid i leave the top off so plenty of air gets in and reduces the smell

You mean you’re supposed to wash your shaker?

Protein will deteriorate after you mix it with water. I’ve heard you should drink it within 15 minutes of blending it up.

Also, here’s an idea:

  • Try substituting 2 shakes for two real, solid, meals. Cook a day’s worth of meals the night before and you’re all set.

Very, very easy - and healthy - way to go about it.