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Mega Noob Needs Insight

[quote]Bloodpool wrote:
Ok, Now you guys know what i eat. And when i mention Fruits/Vegetables i mean carrots, apples, pineapple, berries, cherries, broccoli, coli flour, spinach, peppers (green preferable). I stay away from banana due to some research i found which causes your sugar to spike due to a compound which will trigger insulin to skyrocket and thus make you retain fat. Not exactly in those words but yeah. I stay away from ANYTHING that is white. Potatoes, Rice, Any bread that’s not wheat. There is a bunch of other stuff but i hope this is enough to keep you guys thinking. [/quote]

This is my opinion as someone who went from 300 to 160 and back up to 220 and now down to 197.

I have been training as a powerlifter for 7 months now, my strength is up, my explosiveness is up, body weight is down, and every day I feel a bit better ( outside of the muscle aches here and there ).

Your diet is lacking severely. Mine was too ( mainly carbs and fat, not enough protein ). There are plenty of threads about Diet so I won’t go into huge detail. Try to get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight as a minimum starting point, 1.5 is better. Drop the wheat toast from your breakfast, you don’t need carbs at breakfast since you’re trying to lose fat.

If you are only training 3 days a week, you should make sure you’re doing a quality total body training routine. There’s tons of threads about that.

Here would be a better source for routines ( it would increase your days of training most likely )

Lastly - drop the idea of steroids, you’re far from ready for that. Get your body fat down, get your diet in check with your goals, get a better training program and drop all notion of steroids for a good long while.

I’m natty and don’t know anything about steroids, but if I did I would have stopped reading after your opening paragraph and not helped you

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Your “friend” sucks. I doubt you are at 20%bf at 250lbs. You are an idiot.


End thread. Everything has been said.[/quote]

hahahaha n1 ROFLMAO !!

[quote]pwolves17 wrote:
I’m natty and don’t know anything about steroids, but if I did I would have stopped reading after your opening paragraph and not helped you[/quote]

Great insight…

Anyways OP is your “buddy” offering to sell it too you?

Looking at your diet, you need to dramatically increase your protein intake if you’re going to do AAS.
2 egg whites for breakfast? that’s a whole 6 grams of protein… Not bashing you at all but that is definitely not enough. You should be aiming for 40-50g of protein per meal at your weight… minimum!

I dont understand why protein is so hard for people to come by nowadays.

They sell as powder and it comes in chocolate flavor…

Wash down everything you eat with 2 scoops whey+milk if gaining or 2 scoops whey +water/almond milk if dieting.

As others have said, your diet is atrocious man.

This is why we ask people to post up what they are actually eating.

You need LOTS more protein. Drop the fruit shake…all sugar. If you want to keep it, throw some protein powder in it and consume it post workout.

Salads are a waste of a meal…you should have protein with every meal. Protein gets your metabolism going…you are trying to lose fat.

You don’t need gear, you need proper diet and training.

Congrats on the weight loss BTW.