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Mega Noob Needs Insight


If you ask me a question that is inside this essay (yes i know its long) i will not respond to you. If you are dumb enough to ask me a question even though the answer is in front of you then i don't expect a knowledgeable answer to come out of your mouth. Plain and Simple.

Ok lets get straight to the point. I am 24 5'11 250lbs with 20 BFP. Ridiculous and i need to lay off those jelly donuts i know but trust me i already have been off of it. I used to weigh at a staggering 350 about a year and a half ago. I have been dieting and going to the gym 5 times a week doing a lot of cardio. I have also been throwing in some weight lifting sessions 3 times a week religiously. I have noticed my arms getting toned and my chest looks substantially more "muscular" if you will compared to the most likely 40 lbs a piece bitch tits i used to have.

Now, I am a Auto technician at Mercedes-Benz. I do heavy lifting everyday even out of the gym and a lot of moving around so my life is just one big workout. I have a co-worker whom is pretty big and used to be a competitive body builder which juices or used to. From what he has been telling me he seems extremely knowledgeable and wants to help me lean out. According to him due to my body frame it would be wise to start doing it now. But, A lean cycle since i have a wide frame and will benefit me substantially by being able to control how i want to look going down instead of dropping the weight then have to work to come back up.

So in other words work towards both and meet at the middle in that sweet spot. He said i should do a 12 week cycle of Anavar and another substance which i forgot what it was he said because i can't even pronounce that shit to minimize the side effects and have things in check. I do know the second substance is an injection. He also said Oral roids are the worst due to liver damage but Anavar is the less threatening of them all.

Although would still recommend to inject since it bypasses the liver and goes straight into the blood stream. Once its in, Its in. Is this cycle something that you guys believe would work to lean out and drop these pounds? I know i have done a pretty good fucking job dropping 100lbs naturally but its exhausting. I am at a point where i don't see noticeable change but people often compliment on how good i look and should keep at it. I get the motivation indeed but i want to also get muscle and like my friend said just meet in the middle at that sweet spot. Any information would be appreciate it.

Also, Before you start flaming me i have rear around forums and know all about T-bol, D-Bol, Winstrol and all the other stuff out there. But, Like i said i have never done this before so i know for a FACT it will not be wise to jump into the big boy stuff for the first cycle. I also read Anavar is given to patients who have muscle loss due to what ever reason and need to gain/sustain muscle mass. Also, That for some reason it causes a chemical reaction within the body which melts stomach fat away. I have seen medical records and other test results compared to control test and using the substance. I am here to get an opinion from all Roid veterans here from around the world besides a friend whom also seems to know what he's talking about.


Have you read the stickies that suggest you're not ready for steroids yet?

There are also suggest first time cycles in the stickies. They are worth reading for the knowledge alone.


tl:dr LOL


if you havent used steroids to build muscle, you dont need them to preserve muscle and lose fat...
fat loss = diet + cardio.
steroid users use steroids to preserve muscle when on diet and to cut very lean... you can get at least 10% BF with no drugs at all in a few months...

"lean mass cycles" is a myth which comes true only at very high level of experience... regular noobs and amateurs with shit genetics just waste "lean mass steroids" to preserve what they have...
if it was so easy to take anavar and shit and lose BF and gain lean muscle at the same, why would one ever bulk or use other steroids?

i mean, you will technically gain SOME muscle on that cycle, but would you ever notice that on your 5'11 frame after all that fat loss? dont think so... its not like you are gonna gain enough "lean mass" on a caloric deficit to actually notice it.


Your "friend" sucks. I doubt you are at 20%bf at 250lbs. You are an idiot.


-friend doesn't seem to knowledgable, neither do you about gear.

-lose some bf first, which is diet not steroids

-anavar is still toxic to the liver, can't really say it's "less harsh" everybody is different


Wow, first post here and you start it like this? What is with the attitude of some of these kids who come here expecting guidance and come off like a spoiled little brat demanding advice with a bad attitude.

Didn't get any further than this paragraph and I'm surprised the other guys bothered to respond to such an insolent first post.


tl;dr another noob var only cycle thread


cant blame people for this thou...
forum was ment to be a place to talk, yet forums all around the world has become a pile of stickies and internet warriors hoping noone will ever ask them smth.

im not talking about all the members of course, but forums nowdays are full of some guys who have 5k+ posts on EVERY forum there is, you start to think it must be Phil Heath with such huge experience to share, yet its just some 40 year olds with 0 achievements in bodybuilding acting to know everything...
and because they have lived in that "i know all there is to know" lie, they actually get rude to many young people with no reason, cause he has made some stupid sticky and everyone is supposed to read what this master-bodybuilder had to say.

it just - if you read some forums for a day or two, most of people will get this kind of attitude, cause the really good and experienced guys are in the shadow...


wait... do you really think that the bodybuilders do their own drug protocols???


that's because there too much empty criticism goin around in here with no real to absolutely no "constructive" criticism.. my experience..


agreed !!

and to teh OP ... sorry bro dont really know abt dieting cycles or else would have definitely helped.. anways a big respect from my side for losing 100 lbs fat !!


you have to stick with orals you know, cause injecting will need a giant ass needle to go thru all that fat !

just joking.. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will say you have my respect for losing 100 lbs in a year from diet and exercise. However, it's a lot easier to go from 350-250, than it will be to get down to 180-200. This is really where you will have to tune in your diet and training.

Here is why people are flaming you;
1. You did not mention what your diet consists of, ie: macro nutrient profile at a minimum.
2. You did not state what your training experience is, and what you are currently doing.
3. Had you done a little more research on steroids, you probably would have figured out that the "advice" this co worker gave you probably was not good for someone such as your self (newb).

Most people here really do want to help, they are just tired of giving the same advice and having it fall on deaf ears. The current generation has a bad habit of expecting everyone to help them, yet they can't even help themselves. This forum isn't even that brutal, there are a few out there if your first post on it is not an intro they will ban you and block your IP address.

What method of testing did you use to figure out that you are 20% BF?


dude Bloodpool i doubt your ever gonna find any help here at all (my personal exp).. google, is and will always be your best friend and teacher..

go google some cutting cycles and cutting diets to go along with it.. and since its your first cycle do some thorough research its not that hard.. it all fits together after sometime of reading..


End thread. Everything has been said.


Honestly, I would like to say thanks for the replies. I appreciate your insight very much. As for why i began my post with such an attitude is precisely because many just flame and always steer away from the core topic as many of you here have done. Which just proves my point.

Second, Yes i figured my co-workers advice was not that great because at my frame/measurements it just cant be so simple as taking an oral and injection to just shred my body fat.

Also, Thank you for the praises on my weight loss it has been a long journey and i hope i lose a lot more. Calling me an idiot for information given to me by my physician when i went to a physical is extremely uncalled for and in the eyes of an "Adult" extremely childish. As per my nutrition its as follows.

Breakfast: 2 egg whites with green peppers and onions with 1 slice of whole wheat bread toast and a cup of black coffee.

Snack: 1 yogurt/ or Almods

Lunch: Fruit/Vegetable Salad with no dressing or anything of the sort. I buy the products and make it at home the day before. I make sure i add Aloe to help with the metabolism.

Snack: A 16oz bottle of juice which i make with my juicer

Before Gym meal: 8oz of chicken breast with vegtables which i alternate with seafood mostly tuna and parrot fish. (if for whatever reason i can't or just forgot to bring my food to work ill make a shake since i keep all the supplements in the trunk which would be 1 scoop of bullnox, 1 of Amino acids and 5 grams of glutamine.)

After gym: I drink my protein shake which consists of 1 scoop of Phosflex, 1 scoop of Big Blend and 5 Grams of Glutamine.

Once i get home if i ever get hungry ill just drink a lot of water keep myself hydrated or drink Almond milk.

Religiously since i don't work on weekends i don't go to the gym on weekends. But, I also have one cheat day during the week which is from Saturday morning until Sunday morning. I stay away from alcohol as much i possibly can. I eat anything i want but at moderate proportions.

Ok, Now you guys know what i eat. And when i mention Fruits/Vegetables i mean carrots, apples, pineapple, berries, cherries, broccoli, coli flour, spinach, peppers (green preferable). I stay away from banana due to some research i found which causes your sugar to spike due to a compound which will trigger insulin to skyrocket and thus make you retain fat. Not exactly in those words but yeah. I stay away from ANYTHING that is white. Potatoes, Rice, Any bread that's not wheat. There is a bunch of other stuff but i hope this is enough to keep you guys thinking.


So all in all you recommend i should just keep doing what im doing to keep dropping the pounds. Once i am at a lower BF% consider the gear IF at that point is necessary? Which in other words it most likely wont be.


I would save the gear, you are looking for catabolism not anabolism.

If you want some chemical assistance steer yourself toward stimulants, typically ashtha medications including clenbuterol albuterol or ephedrine. They are marketed as bronchial dilators and do so by stimulating the central nervous system, a result of which is increased metabolism and increased calorie expenditure. I want to say they may have something to do with being a certain type of fat cell agonist which increases lipolysis but I have a tentative grasp on this level of biology.

Another route is amphetamines. Not crystal, but adderal is a very potent stimulant and huge appetite suppressant. I believe doctors perscribe a weight loss drug called finnermin or something which is an amphetamine but probably not as huge a drain on dopamine


Clen is supposedly really good for fat loss but I have also read on some post that it is ROUGH!!