Mega-doses of green tea

Is it bad to take mega-doses of green tea(10g a day)? Thanks.

Not necessarily bad, but why such a high dose? And are you getting this from a pill or the actual tea? Green tea is an outstanding antioxidant, better than what most people even know, plus a decent energy enhancer with its naturally occurring caffeine content (assuming you’re not using the decaf anyway). A little goes a long way.

I’d be careful with that high a dose for two reasons. 1) Tea depletes the body of thiamin, but you could always supplement. 2) tea, green in particular, is high in flouride. Tea is also apparantly a good source of phytoestrogens, but whether or not tea is more like soy (bad for Testosterone) or the lignans in flaxseeds (good for T levels) I don’t know.