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Mega Dose Amino Acids/ Poliquin


What are your thoughts on Poliquin's opinion of Amino Acids during workouts? My thought is taking capsules during training would be difficult. Why not drink a protein drink that has BCAA's in it in liquid form? See below

Mega-Dose BCAAs

Q: What's your current thoughts on pre-, mid-, and post-workout drinks?

A: Pre-workout I don't use drinks. For pre-workout I like to use things that will increase neural drive like Acetyl L-Carnitine, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and things like that. Also, I prefer solid foods rich in tyrosine over drinks pre-workout because I want the blood sugar to be stable.

Now, during workout the most important thing is Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). People who claim they don't get results from them simply don't take enough. A 200 pound man should take 40 grams of BCAAs during a workout. I also add 9 grams of Carnosine.

I make my own amino acid blend capsules and find that you can train much harder with them and not get sore. In between sets you take four or five capsules. My athletes might go through 40 or 50 capsules per workout. We just dump about fifty capsules in a bottle and make sure they're all gone by the end of the workout. I find that to be very anabolic. Most people who try that protocol break their plateaus right away.

BCAAs have a host of research-supported benefits including preventing catabolism, stimulating anabolism, lowering DOMS, and providing endurance, energy, and an increased rate of recovery. Military personnel in many countries now receive BCAA solutions to prevent mental fatigue during maneuvers.

For post-workout I use a "protein pulse" which I learned about from Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. Take about 15 grams of essential amino acids. Wait about ten minutes and then have a post-workout drink. Biotest's Surge fits the bill nicely.

Sure, mention the 4 to one ratio for lean guys is applicable.

The makeup of the drink depends on how lean you are. If you're a fat bastard, then you should stick with whey, glycine, and glutamine. If you're lean and need to put weight on, I like to use one gram of protein for every four grams of carbs.

For the carbs I like to use a mixture of things that are fast and slow, some glucose and some maltodextrin. I also like to take a high dose of taurine and R-Lipoic Acid after training. There are some new types of carbohydrates being used like rice oligodextrin (currently used in Metabolic Drive Complete) that look promising too.


That is definitely an expensive way to supplement; but likely would be effective.

How much more effective than a good quality PWO shake and high protein diet? Perhaps not enough to make a difference for a lot of people. For elite level athletes or those with very advanced physiques they may see more benefit from a somewhat extreme program like this.

I believe that BCAA’s are worthwhile, but they have also been hyped up quite a bit lately.