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Meg Settles with Illegal




I still can't believe she had to pay one cent but it amounts to me paying someone a penny for insulting them on whatever grounds.


Pretty sad to not get paid for mileage driven as a housekeeper. She should have been able to squeeze more money out of the gubernatorial loser.


Since the rule of law is being followed, is the illegal going to be deported?


No, she will be moved into a brand new govt housing complex, and get a 100% free education, while getting an unemployment check.


So some illegals get deported, some get free education? Super-T, break it down into ratios for me. Who gets what?
Also, who bares the blame? Federal agencies (DHS) or groups like ACLU? Or maybe lazy Minute-men on the border are to blame?


Unfortunately, you're probably right. If she's still undocumented she should be automatically deported. She can use the $5500 to start the process of coming here legally.


Due to the high profile nature of the case, I highly doubt she will be deported. A state college here in Cali recently outed the student body president as an illegal alien. There have been calls for his resignation, also people are looking to see if he voted in any election.

Looks like Repubs are going after birthright citizenship now, that would be the uber victory of all time if they could reverse that.


I was being just a little sarcastic. She will probaly have to pay for her books, but come on I think we all know the majority of illegals do not get deported.