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Meets to Look Forward to (as a Spectator)?


Hey guys, as the title says, I’m looking for the best upcoming meets in 2019, I wanna see (maybe) world records in reality & meet the living legends etc, so where & when will these legends be and which meet should i pick? :slight_smile: I have limited time to travel so I want it to be as cool as possible.

I’ve heard of “Big dogs 4”(when & where though?) and “Tribute” if anyone could make a list of every meet they know with a hype scale I’d greatly appreciate it :smiley:

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Big dogs 4 is in Australia. It’s a meet all about the total. No weight class, just highest total. There will be the best superheavyweights there, I believe belkin will be too. 1000kg qualifying total. I think it’s in October. I think that the tribute meet is in August. I think it’s in Texas. There’s also boss of bosses 6. That’s August 31 at Dan Green’s gym, boss barbell club. 241 Polaris Avenue Mountain View, CA, 94043 United States

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Which one of Tribute & BOB6 do you think would be most fun? :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t seen the rosters yet. If I were you, I’d compare the rosters and then decide based on which has more of your favourite lifters. You could also wait till the 2020 US Open, which is in San Diego at the end of April I believe. That’ll have the most top lifters most likely. Maybe they’ll get their shit together next year.


All meets are boring to watch. :smiley:


A lot of these big meets have live video feeds on youtube, you don’t have to actually travel to the meet to see it.

To actually sit there and watch a whole meet is pretty boring, I agree, at least in most cases. If there are some guys who you know will be lifting some huge weights it can be more interesting though, and some meets like Big Dogs are not really that boring because it’s all elite lifters and big lifts. If I tried to sit through the lightweights at a local meet I would probably fall asleep.


For sure there’s some fun lifts but it’s like Golf, just the highlights please

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Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

The only time I actually watched almost a whole meet was the men’s heavyweights at the US open last year. Unfortunately the judging was retarded and the bars and platform were fucked up. There were just so many well known lifters competing that I had to see what was happening, but it kind of sucked in the end. Sad.

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I have been to one meet that was half way bearable to watch. Only because they were treating it like a show and not some uptight comp.At that one they had a good hype man to get the crowd more vested on the platform action. I’ll be honest the most viewable strength sports imo are strongman and highlander . With HighIander the availability of beer at the event i attended might have had a impact on my view point


That’s exactly what PL meets need.