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Meets in Southern Ohio


I've been reading a good bit here at T-Nation and I'm hoping to start competing in the next year or so. Just wondering if anyone else on here is from Southern Ohio and if so are there any meets anywhere that may be close. I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere. I'm basically hoping to compete raw mainly because that is all I know and there aren't many powerlifters around here to help out with much.


Also I'm about 90 miles south of Columbus and 110 miles east of Cincy if that helps.


You're like every other newbie on here. Just go to powerliftingwatch.com and search for meets in Ohio.


There are regular meets in the Columbus area and there is a meet in Cincinnati this weekend (December 5). I'll be at the meet this weekend helping a training partner out and I know of atleast 1 more person on the board who will be also. If you've never been to a meet before they are a great place to find people in your area who are also interested in the sport.

Like the other guy said, your best resource is powerliftingwatch.com. I'd try and link you to some information about the meet this weekend but powerliftingwatch is having technical difficulties at the moment ...


I'm in southeast Ohio and we go to Columbus for meets. Mostly the meets Lexen Xtreme puts on a few times a year. I've lifted both raw and equipped there. They usually have a good meet venue and run the meets relatively well.