Meeting Women

What are some of the places you guys go to meet women, other than bars or college. I’m out of college and bars are obvious but not always the best places. T-Vixens where do you hang out to meet guys?

You should not think that you need to go XYZ just to meet girls. Serious.

I meet guys everywhere. Some became friends and some I dated for a while. I meet guys at the airport while waiting in line, bookstores, cafe, etc. Bars and clubs are kinda obvious, and some girls get more of their defensive shield up at places like that.

Just be friendly and learn to approach strangers naturally, and you’ll meet women everywhere! :slight_smile:

Red Light District, Amsterdam…
Make sure to bring some guilders and you’ll meet as many women as you wish, and I guarantee they’ll love you(atleast for 3o minutes or so).

Go anywhere where other people are, e.g. shopping malls are pretty good. Just look around, do some shopping and watch out for opportunities - you will find a lot of them.
And you don’t have to think about pick-up lines and what to say next.
Places where girls/women ‘hang out’ to meet men are maybe not the best places unless you really know how to pull it off (which in my humble opinion is an art).

I think the best place to meet girls is doing something you already enjoy. For instance, I was in Boston over the summer, and I met my current girlfriend the first night I was in town at a Young Republicans function. The advantage of doing that is you have no problem finding something about which the two of you can easily converse, and you know you have at least one compatible interest. Parties thrown by female friends/acqaintences are also good, especially if the hostess has a high opinion of you. I’ve found that bars and clubs are excellent for finding hook ups, but they’re really hit-or-miss for finding someone with whom you click.

If the moderators will allow, here is a link to a site with a feature that teaches you how to meet women in different situations and locations: displayarticle.php?id=317