Meeting People on the Internet.

I’ll admit it. I was on Myspace 2 years ago. During the 9 month period I was on it I met 3 girls and to be honest, it was quite enjoyable. After awhile it got boring and the sheer amount of wierdos on there meant that I wasn’t interested.

Right. So the aim of this thread is a) to discuss any past experiences you’ve had with meeting people through the internet (good or bad) and b) to laugh at this video:

Synopsis: Girl goes out to meet a guy she met on Myspace. Girl gets home and her mum is furious (the brother films all). Girl ends up crying, and brother keeps shouting “you could have gotten raped! IN THE BUTT!”


[quote]Professor X wrote:


Chris Hansen creeps me out.

They were all above 18! I swear! I think.

Note: For those of you who aren’t “comp geeks”. The video is simply the audio recording of a guy who goes onto a audio chat forum OR an online game (World of Warcraft or something) and pisses everyone off.

Oh the joy I get by watching this. I can’t stop… laughing…

(it gets the better towards the end)

A soundboard of Chris Hansen reading chat logs out loud…holy crap that is brilliant.

By the way I really respect To Catch A Predator.

They are ridding the world of guys who go on the internet, start chatting with a really hot chick who looks over 18 (because the model they use for the profile IS over 18) and this same girl immediately responds positively to incredibly sexual flirting for pages and pages and asks to meet up, and then makes fun of the guy if he doesn’t agree to meet up until he finally gives in and comes over.

…Because that’s exactly how the majority of predators get their victims.

Here’s another Chris Hansen one.

It’s classic. Short but oh so to the point