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Meeting of the Minds


Watching CNN I see there was what they have referred to as a "Meeting of the Minds" today.

Did the president just blink? Did today's meeting of the minds indicate a realization that his previous management style was flawed? I mean, the fact that he has never had a business success might just point to a management style flaw. Did this finally hit home?

Has it taken this long for the Bush administration to realize that there are other people, whether left or right, that actually have ideas and opinions worth hearing?

I can't believe, in this day and age, people don't understand the value of considering alternative viewpoints prior to making a decision. Duh, you are supposed to make up your mind after considering the issues, not before.

Sigh, of course not, nothing will change. The world really is doomed isn't it?


Interesting take.

Some might have commended the fact that he sought some outside input. Others may have have thought it wise to get this group together to try and get information out that shows the plan for moving forward. Still others might have suggested it was positive to get a bi-partisan group of people with vast international political strategies together to brainstorm.

Others will bash Bush no matter what he does.



I'll be impressed if this is the beginning of something new.

Until then, your own take is easy to view as simple cheerleading if you want to be partisan about things.

Generally, you have to wait to see what happens after the first step before deciding that the person taking that step is committed to a new path.

Especially since this is politics.

Sorry I couldn't jump up and down and praise the mighty Bush just yet.


Why does everything come down to cheerleading with you? You resort to this line of bs every time someone simply disagrees with you and backs the President or whomever you happen to be opposing at the time.

I simply stated that it could be viewed in more positive light rather than the need to throw in ABB bs right off the bat.

As far as waiting goes, I see you didn't wait before bashing, I just simply offered another viewpoint.


Could somebody please explain about this story, i havent paid much attention to the news since the story of the miners has died off. Whatever it is GWB going into a meeting named like so is just going to get laughed at.


It doesn't... but do you recall saying the following?

This is basically the opposite side of the spectrum with respect to cheerleading. What did you expect in return?

Maybe you did more than just "offer an alternative" with your parting quip...


I do agree with sasquatch that there are people who will bash Bush no matter what. Bush did start out trying to work with the Democrats. Many of the Democrats really did start attacking Bush like crazy. They then tried to take the moral ground as if it was Bush that was attacking them.

There is just something that happened with many liberals that they cannot stand Bush. And this hate has been growing and festering for 5 years now. There was a similar reaction to Clinton by the Right. (It subsided with him being out of office, but it is still there.)

I believe it stems from the 2000 election. Their candidate got the majority, but not the electoral college. That was upsetting to them, and they thought it was wrong, regardless of the rules. Instead of an obvious win or loss, they got an extra couple of months where there were recounts. The instant win or loss turned into two groups of people thinking their candidate should win, and that just festered. Once one was the winner, because it didn't seem as decisive, anger about having a win taken from them turned into anger.

I am not trying to rehash this crap as much as explain where the anger stems from. Hopefully it will subside with the next president. Unfortunately I doubt that, and am beginning to think it has become entrenched into political thinking for years to come.


He is once again trying to reach across the aisle but I don't know if he sincere. It is almost naive.

It won't work. The goals of the Republicans and Democrats are sometimes similar but often are opposed.

When you add election politics and the huge media industry into the mix the perception of bitterness will continue.