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Meet Your New Spider-Man


Looks like the guy didn't put ANY effort at all at "looking the part" of a super hero. He should have done what Walhberg did or that kid from twilight. SMFH


Teen spiderman? Preteen spiderman? Uh...


Spidey is not really a built guy though. So he might pass.


see i was pondering this too but theres a difference between not huge and DEVOID OF ANY MUSCLE WHATSOEVER!!

Even tobey miguire got some hawt abs!

Comic book spiderman


even 62 spiderman had some size


Carrying the bookbag, I'm guessing high-school Spider-Man.


Spiderman started his thing in HS. I think he looks more the part than the last dude, especially when he looked like a chubby emo kid.


I thought he looked like KD Lang.

This new one looks OK. The thing I always wonder only half seriously is how a kid makes a neat costume like that. If I were him I would still be wearing the sweatshirt and balaclava that he had in the first movie when he wrestled Macho Man.


I wish someone would bring up the old thread where I got flamed for saying that the past ones (with the exception of 3) were good movies and that the new one would suck.


I'll give the kid a pass. He fits, based on the storyline.


Hmmm, I'm not sure about this.

They have a LONG way to go considering how absolutely shit the last 3 Spiderman movies have been.

My guess is they won't do the comics any justice. At least the others have been of a high standard (Iron Man, The Hulk, The Dark Knight, etc..).


I guess when you think of spider man, you dont really think of rippling muscles but more slim and toned.

Well it kinda fits then since Spider man was never big but more A


What is that, a new movie?


Wow, your not alone in this line of thinking. Why do people have so much hate for Spiderman 2 I thought that was one of the BEST comicbook movies ever made Top 5 on my list.


I don't know, I was just bored and disappointed with the series. Maybe it's Maguire.


Just go see the movie and form your opinion then, holy shit.


Correct. It's a reboot with a younger Spidey in HS. Rhys Ifans is playing The Lizard.

My best guess is that this is intended to be "Spidey Begins".


The kid looks ok for the part but i reckon they should get some kind actor that can do free running and shit, could you imagine how awesome spidey would be doing that shit for real with out ropes and tricks!


I think he looks awesome. Much better than Tobey Maguire, who I think always looked a bit stumpy in costume. This look reminds me of Mike Wieringo's art style from the comics - and he fits in in the context of the size of some of Marvel's other heroes on the big screen too. Pics posted above aside, Spidey is generally one of the more wiry heroes in the Marvel Universe, especially in more recent iterations.


That sounds like a good idea.

I'd prefer they take it easy on the CG too...in the other 3 movies he'd sometimes do some over-the-top insane flips such through the city and it got old and goofy fast.