Meet Week, 2 Options to Peak

Hey guys, Have Meet next sunday 26th august and weighing up two options the week leading up to it. Have had a bit of a chat to @littlesleeper but just thought i would ask around aswel. Been following 531 with jokers (no pr sets) last 6 weeks leading up as prep so i am looking to either squat monday working up with singles to tm. Wednesday same with pause bench press then rest up till meet or squat and bench press working up to tm then the wednesday squat and bench press again but at 5x3 at 60% then rest up till meet. If any other ideas by experienced powerlifters here fire away. Thanks

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What I do is last deadlift the week before the meet, the week of the meet I will work up to squat and bench openers on Monday and 80% for 1-2 singles for sq/bp on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on whether I’m competing on Saturday or Sunday). Nothing more than some stretching or mobility work after that.

And no, I don’t train full body. I just have to squat and bench (plus deadlift) in the same day at the meet so if I can’t do squat and bench openers in one day then something is wrong.

Thanks Chris, I like the sound of that. Is the 80% of your 1rm, opener ,training max?

No, openers are usually around 90% of your planned 3rd attempt, you could go with 87-88% to be safe. I don’t have any sort of “training max”. The day where you work up to 80% is basically just warm up and stop there, a little bit of technique practice.