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Meet Tomorrow!

Well guys, meet tomorrow! Been powerlifting for a year now, so I’m really just a baby at this yet, but just wait!

I’m planning on starting like this tomorrow:

210 (462) - 140 (308) - 215 (473)

My goal is to manage:

220 (484) - 150 (330) - 230 (506)

If everything goes my way:

225 (495) - 155 (341) - 235 (517)

Wish me luck! :slight_smile: I’ll come back to you guys tomorrow night with the results! and yes, I weigh about 111 (244), so I think I’ll drop the cut and just compete in the 125 (275)!

Good luck man! Crush 'em!

you better cursh’em

Good luck.

Dont forget to take pictures of hot chicks if you spot any.

Todays meet:

Squat: 210 (fail), 215 (ok), 225 (fail)

The first one was just too light, and i was a pussy and didn’t get deep enough. The second was perfect, went up like nothing. the last one was just too heavy today, was a bit stressed out and didn’t breathe in properly at the top… learning by doing!

Bench: 135 - 140 - 150

All good lifts, the last the absolutely best, found the “groove” with the shirt perfectly and blew it up, good feeling.

Deadlift: 215 - 225 - 227.5

First lift went up like nothing, very light… Second was light too, but got 2 reds for dragging it too much on my tighs, last one was just not right today…

All in all, i increased my total with 17.5kgs to 580kgs, which was my realistic goal! At the same time I felt that i had more to give… So the next big meet WILL get me above 600 total… :slight_smile:

congrats bro.

where are the hot chicks?

Sometimes Adamson i feel you dont try hard enough.


Congrats ;o)

I have never heard of any fed red lighting a dead for “dragging against the legs too much” that’s BS. Nice numbers, keep it up.

Great Job! How did you place with those numbers?

Keep up the hard work and the numbers will fall.


Nice work, keep it up.

Great job (on having the balls to compete and breaking your PR’s)

Hehe! thanks guys!

And yes, i DID take a few pics of sweet girls… I’ll put them up on my website tomorrow and link a few from here… :wink:

while waiting for the girl-pics:

me benching 150kg (330lbs).


[quote]Adamsson wrote:
while waiting for the girl-pics:

me benching 150kg (330lbs).


Can’t view it. I’m getting this message:

You don’t have permission to access to this document on this server.

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I don’t know if it’s just my server or what.

try this one: