Meet This Weekend

Well, I participated in the nationals (in norway… :stuck_out_tongue: ) for the first time this weekend, I’m just a newbie powerlifter (As i have stated earlier) and just only got the qualification weights in time…

well, the weekend went like this:

squat: 190kg miss (dived into the rack… and that happened three times… :wink: I’ll try not to forget/destroy my squat-shoes the next time…)

bench:140kg easy, 145kg quite easy (5kg PR), 150kg (miss, got it up, but lifted bum and was uneven)

deadlift: 190kg (easy), 205kg (Easy, 10kg PR), 215kg (still easy, 25kg PR)

All in all: quite happy, ofcourse the squat kind of ruined it, but that is an experience too, I PR’ed quite a bit and learned a lot!


You took the First and biggest steop and showed up.

Great work.