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Meet This Saturday in Georgia


Anybody else gonna be there?

As a side note i have had a terrible week of training i really hope i just had a few bad days. Anyone else ever have training go really bad before a meet and not bomb?

Wish me luck.


How did you do?

Bombed out 3x in 2009. It happens if your greedy and pushing it...LOL



Not as well as i hoped. I hit 90 and 110 in training, but had those two bad weeks leading up to the meet. Coach decided to open me at 80 on the snatch to give me something easy that i couldn't mess up. Everything came together for the meet though and i caught 80 on almost straight legs. Then jumped to 87 and that was also really easy.

I then decided to go to 92 but a few minutes before i changed my mind because everything felt so light and changed it to 95. That was a mistake, 8 kg is to big of a jump for me i ended up not fully extending and diving under instead of ripping myself down so it stayed out in front of me and i lost it. I actually pulled it more than high enough but bad technique will fail a snatch.

C&J was a little disappointing. I opened light like i did with the snatch at 105 to get an easy weight and not bomb out. Power cleaned it and unfortunately i got excited and easily jerked it with bad technique (one bad rep sticks with you on the platform).

I then went to 110, a weight i have both cleaned and jerked several times, cleaned it poorly but got it up. Problem with me is if i have a bad clean then i causes me to lose focus and i usually follow up with a bad jerk. This was also the case at the meet, i never drove with my arms in the jerk and lost it.

My 3rd attempt i got the clean no problem but failed the jerk again. I was very focused on the jerk this go around and i had no doubt i would make it since i had jerked that weight 4 or 5 times the previous Monday. When i get ready for the jerk i bump the weight up a bit so i can take a really deep breath and set my back. Then i dip my knees and drive the weight up. But, on this rep when i bumped the weight to breath and set my back the bar rolled slightly forward closer to my wrist and i ended up dropping the bar with no jerk attempt. I felt like an idiot.

Its all good though i had a fun time and it was my first meet since starting to train and compete again.


"Its all good though i had a fun time and it was my first meet since starting to train and compete again."

This is great to hear - congratulations on getting back on the platform.

My next meet is this Saturday and then I will be in Savannah in April the the Master's meet.


Is the one this Saturday the Emory meet? They should have some good lifters there.

I got my feet wet again last Saturday. The East Alabama open in May is one that i plan on trying to hit some goals at. My coach thinks i can get 100 / and 120-125 in that time frame. I just hope i can do it on the platform and not just in training.


Happens to all of us at some point jak. Just learn from it and smash it up at the next comp.

Congrats on the comp :slight_smile:



No, my meet it the Pittsburgh Open - my local club's meet (Pittsburgh Barbell Club).