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Meet Spades

Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. Just thought I’d introduce myself here, along with my program and my goals.

First off: I’m a skinny bastard. 19 y/o 6’0", 160#, ~7% BF. First time in a gym was two years ago, dicked around with crossfit until this past spring, at which point I realized that actual lifting could get me to my strength and ascetic goals alot faster.

I started reading this site, learning the basics of ‘regular’ lifting, and for the first time in my life started to get my diet under control.

I used to hit the crossfit metcons with screaming intensity, but never saw any real fat loss gains (I always wanted a 6-pack) because I’d binge every 3-4 days of clean eating.

So now that I’ve spent all summer working on my lift form and really dialing in my nutrition to meet my BF goals, I’m ready to end the skinny bastard period of my life.

My goal is to work up to a moderate 180-190# or so at about 8% bodyfat over the next year, which seems completely doable. I’m on day 4 of the transition phase of the anabolic diet, and when I get back to school in 2 weeks I’m planning to start an U/L split:

A1 Bench 5x5
A2 T bar row 5x5
B1 pulldown 4x10
B2 DB incline press 4x10
10-15 mins beach work: curls, flyes, skullcrushers etc

A Squat 5x5
B1 RDL 4x10
B2 leg press 4x10
C Seated calf raise 3x12
Ab strength day- sets of 8-10

A1 Pullup 5x5
A2 Standing Military Press 5x5
B1 DB Bench 4x10
B2 DB chest sup row 4x10
10-15 mins beach work: same as day1

A Deads 5x5
B1 Reverse lunge 4x10
B2 Leg curl 4x10
C Standing calf raise 3x15
Ab circuit day- sets of 15-20

I’m gonna start at about 3250 cals/day and ramp it up by 250 per week until fat gains become noticeable, following the AD as is.

Thoughts? Comments? Provocative anecdotes?
Again, just sayin hi and I look forward to bein a part of this community!


How on earth did you estimate you had 7% body fat?

This is the second training newbie I’ve seen claiming to have a single digit body fat in the past week.

edit: I’d recommend Madcow’s / Bill Starr’s 5x5.

it was purely a guess based on pictures I’ve seen of people in the 6-8% range compared to my phsyique. I’m lean and skinny, thats all.

Thanks for the input, I’ll go check out bill starr’s, I’ve heard great things but been too lazy to go find it up till now.