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Meet Results

Here are my meet results from my first full meet on the 8th of this month along with some video.


500 squat, 2nd attmept, 465 was a joke for first attempt


535 miss on 3rd attempt, got some form issues i need to fix


355 bench, 2nd attempt, i opened in single ply at 330 and went to 355 in double ply. Got out of groove with 380 and dumped it on 3rd.


525 opener on deadlift, cake.


565 easy weight, but got it all the way to the top and dropped it. Dont that piss ya off.

Thats all the video i have 3rd attempt on 565 deadlift also went bad as i pulled a huge callus off on the 2nd attempt and was bleading all over the place.

I ended up with 1380 at 165, which i guess is ok for my first meet, but i was very dissapointed i didnt get 1400. The 565 deadlift would have given me 1410. Its ok it was my first meet, all a learning process.

I was watching the squat and I can’t believe you missed. Not a putdown at all, you were just so smooth and in control that it caught me by surprise. Though after I watched it a second time, your face does get that “Well, this isn’t going anywhere” look at the bottom. And have to agree about the deadlift drop being frustrating. Anyway, nicely done all around.

Thanks man. Yeah my suit didnt fit me exactly right. A canvas needs to be really tight in the hips and my is super tight in the legs and not as tight in the hips. And i also wasn’t wearing briefs. And i got a little bent over. This was my first time using a real monolift and i didnt know the hooks moved out. I would had my hands in closer and this would helped me keep my arch, but i didnt know. Oh well, its all a learning experience. looking to hit atleast 600-400-600 at my next meet at 181 in september.

If possible when you do deads try to find a bar that is a little bit thicker than normal, like a 29 or 30mm bar (competition is 28mm). Some gyms have bars of varying thickness. Do all of your deads with that bar, then when you go to the meet the bar will be smaller and much easier to grip. I had a miss with 585 years ago due to grip, it was (and is) the only deadlift I have ever missed b/c of grip, the thicker bar cured that problem. Also don’t forget to chalk the outside part of the pointer finger, especially the second section where your thumb contacts the pointer finger. Good luck with your training.

PS - 13xx is pretty damn good for 165 and your first meet, you will keep moving up. And there is nothing wrong with having your first lift be relatively easy, don’t stop doing that just because you get more experienced.

Yeah my training partner does have a squat bar i guess i could deadlift with. I dont really know if grip was my problem because my fingers just kinda rolled and i callus ripped off my hand. And on my 3rd attempt at 565 i think i had a plenty good enough grip on it to pull it to the top, i just got out of groove. But im’ toying around with the hook grip also.

Very impressive, keep us updated. What’s your training like generally?


I train westside mostly with a few tweaks. Kinda looks like this.

Monday- repetition bench day, i work up to a heavy 3 on incline, decline, or flat usually paused on chest, followed by dumbbell work and lats

Tuesday- max effort squat/deadlift day, i used to rotate a squat and deadlift every week, but now i’m going to squat 2 weeks then pull 1 weeks, squat 2, pull 1, you get it, low back and abs

Thursday- max effort bench/overhead, i also compete in strongman so sometimes we do max effort overhead before we bench depending on how soon a strongman contest is coming up

Saturday-dynamic effort squat and strongman, we have quite a bit of conventional deadlift on this day like reps, max, 18 inch, i pull sumo for powerlifting, then we do farmers walks, stones, and any other events we have coming up.

If you want anymore specifics feel free to ask.