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Meet Results


Weigh-In: 161.8

-I was sick all week with some fever, waking up in a pool of sweat i didnt think id even be able to compete =\

Lift: 584lbs


I will post pictures tomorrow :slight_smile:


Was that your total or a single lift?


I believe that was his deadlift. He had a thread going in Physique and Performance Photos back around New Year's.

Awesome Job SuperDP4!


Good job man, I was really hoping that wasn't your total.


lol that would be a sick old total but no it was just my deadlift... 3.6 x my weight :slight_smile: I heard the judge say "whoa!" im 5'11 and weighed at 162 so it was a pretty surprising performance for being so sick. I am shooting for 611.2 the 20-25 national record next...


here is the 584 lift :slight_smile:


Great job.

The only thing I would recommend is to try pulling with your arms perpendicular to the floor. That way you can start the pull in a more upright position and have less distance to pull. Also too, if you move your hand space closer (to get into the perpendicular arm position), you can move your feet directly underneath you. You should be in a more mechanically advantageous position. 600 will be cake.



Jesus Christ man. And on a goddamn split routine. You really are a freak, congrats on the lift and keep us updated.


I agree. You're quite gifted, keep working hard and don't slack off like some that are gifted do. You can break that record.


Are you not even using straps?? Sick!


Ah excellent advice! Thanks I will try that tuesday on my workout :slight_smile:


Thanks brother, what's a split routine again? lol.


Second that. Is a split routine is what I am thinking you mean, working upper body one day lower the next??

Mind you every upper level strength athelete that I have ever talked to does a split.


good lift!

What are your other lifts like? Raw of course.


That's not the split he was talking about.

SuperDP4 does more of the classic bodybuilding split where you work one body part one day.

Or at least he used to.


Etc, etc...


very impressive..

can you also post vids, would be cool!


Great job-nothing like pulling a huge fucking deadlift


Straps? It was a PL meet, you can't use straps :confused:


yeah that's what I still do :smiley:


well i dont powerlift or i didnt until last september or october... I have squatted 405 raw, benched 350 raw but i think i can do more... with suits i would target 500 squat and 400 bench but i really dont know because i still work those exercises on a more body building oriented routine. (split routine):

chest monday for example is:
flat bench:
225 x10
275 x 6-8
275 x 6-8
295 x 3-5
incline bench:
225 x 8-9
235 x 8
245 x 6
incline dumbells:
100 x 8-10
110 x 8
115 x 6
120 x 4-5
flat flies:
70 x 10
80 x 8
90 x 6
100 x 4-5
decline cable flies:
90 x 8-10
100 x 8
110 x 7
120 x 5-6 (weight on cables subject to your gyms pully system! :slight_smile: