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Meet Results


Weigh-in: 195 (198lb Class)
Class: Junior
APF IA/NE Meet results at: http://www.apf-iowa.com

Squat: 611 (76lb PR - new IA State Record)
Video: Here

Bench: 352
Video: Here

Deadlift: 529 (14lb PR)
Video: Here

I've been training with Bill Carpenter for my bench, and I just simply didn't preform on the bench at the meet. Immaturity with the shirt. Everything else was fine, but I need to get in shape so I don't feel so sluggish when the deadlift comes.

Meet PR: 157lbs Last meet: 8 weeks before this meet.


Awesome job.


good shit dude! it's nice to hear your little support team rooting for you behind the camera.


Nice squat @ 198. Good job...keep improving.


Good job. Thanks for posting the pics.


WOW..awesome squat landon..you are really doing great...keep it up man..awesome job..bm

ps..i wish there were a few more kids in my area with your dedication and work ethic..it is truly impressive..