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meet results

Weight: 230 - down 4 pounds from the December meet

Squat: opened at 463 and got it pretty easy, went to 501 missed it and went waaaaay too low, I have it on video and it looks like my ass almost hits my ankles. Tried 501 again, this time got a friend to wrap my knees for me and I nailed it with three whites. So ended up with 501 for a 22# squat pr.

Bench: not so good here, opened at 330 and that was all I got. Tried a 5# pr on the second at 358 and stalled for what seemed like an eternity. Tried 358 and completed the lift but got three reds for the lack of pause. Not too happy with the bench - I probably should have gone for 345 on the second and tried for the pr on the third.

Deadlift: opened at an easy 501, went to 540 and got that too. Thought I was the shit at this point so called for 573 and got only one side of the weight up about an inch from the floor. So ended with 540 for an 11# dl pr.

Overall was happy except for the bench. Totaled 1372 which is an 11# pr on the total. Will have to work on the bench.