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Meet Result - IPF Debut


I attended my first meet today. I had set a goal of 230kg-120kg-220kg, and I got it.

The Deadlift was a new personal best with 10kg.

My bodyweight was 93.5kg so i entered the -100 class.

Comments and critique welcome!



Great depth on squats. The only thing I would suggest is trying out different descent speeds on your squat. I personally like to descend faster.

On bench, if you like to arch use a 'dress belt' to hold your shirt down. The powerlifting belt is too thick.

What kind of shoes are you deadlifting in? I use wrestling shoes. If you aren't using something low to the ground, I would suggest doing so.

great job!


Yes, I like the slow descent, so I think i will not change it in the near future. I have big potential in the squat. I will continue to get stronger! But the thing about was mentioned also at the meet. I might experiment a bit in my training.

A dress belt i have to investigate a bit further - never heard about that.

I did deadlift in my squat-shoes, i think your suggestion is pretty good.

thanks for the input and the advice!

-- stallion


Congratulations on meeting your targets! BTW excellent soundtrack, too!!!


Looks good bro; keep training hard and you'll do even better now that you've got one under your belt!

Stay strong



I would type how mcuh I liked your squat depth, but my tears are affecting my typing right now.

Shit looked good. Keep it up!


Constructive criticism; your elbows are very wide in the bench press - almost like a bodybuilder bench press - no need to be that wide because the shirt are your "pecs" - bring/tuck in your elbows and I think you'll see an immediate improvement; if not, don't abandon the chance - just work your tri's more.

Nice depth on that squat!

Good luck,



First off, congrats on a great debut.

Your squat set up looks a lot better. I still think you could shave off 2 steps from your walkout, although given the width of your stance, that rack set-up may have interfered with your feet.

You may want to consider moving your feet a little further apart for your unrack, so you have less distance to cover to get them in your squat stance.

Agree totally with bodyguard about your benches. It would appear you are using a Fury. If you watch your second attempt closely, you lose the groove of the shirt towards your head about half way up. In your case, I do think this has a lot to do with elbow position.

You do a good job of maintaining backwards momentum on your pulls, obviously, but I do think you are wasting tons of energy rolling the bar that distance.

Additionally, if you watch closely, it is basically impossible for you to set and keep your arch using that method, and you end up having to fix that at the top, which is, IMHO, a big part of why you are straining just above your knees.

If you fix your starting position you should have an easier time at lockout.

Bottom line, great first meet. Congrats.


I am happy to tell I deadlifted today 230kg/506lbs x 3 with the barbells plates resting on 12.8cm/5inches high boxes.

My next meet is 11th of june, and I have two months to prepare. My goal is to exceed a 600kg/1320lbs total.

Currently, my weight is 93.5kg/205lbs, and my height is 1.82cm/6feet.


Very impressive atg squats. I agree with the comment that rolling the bar gets you out of the optimum starting position for a sump type deadlift. Congrats on entering the world of competitive lifting hope you enjoy it here.