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Meet Report - 1755 Total


I weighed in at 210lbs and went 7/9

660 Squat
420 Bench
675 Dead

1755 Total

+55lbs on my last meet total.

I missed 435 on the bench and 720 on the deadlift. My next meet goals is to hit those two numbers, and Squat 700lbs. I plan on doing RUM which will be February 9th.


Fuckin' awesome!


Awesome stuff!


Sick shit, man! This is like outer space to me.


Impressive, most impressive.


you continuing to make progress at your level is always an inspiration

delts/arms looking juicy too


Very cool! I'm no PLer myself, but I certainly can appreciate how impressive those #s are, and how far you've come over the years.

Waiting to hear that you've hit those numbers on the 9th.



Strongest hipster alive.

So secksy.


I thought this was pretty cool. #11 in the current American rankings for the 220s, raw with wraps of course.


That dude has a 2k total raw at 220?

He must play so much basketball and eat unreal amounts off Donald's :wink:


Well done Det !

Look forward to more log posts now .. :slight_smile:


His thing is eating tons of oreos. Serious.


I just got more American Apparel so I could be hipsterstrong too.


Fuck yeah, dude!




impressive for a natural lifter


I should make that a new Hashtag!


Thanks man!

Oh, and is your username in reference to Circa Survive and Thursday?


I gotta get those black glasses.....the hipster power LIVES WITHIN!


yes it is. I like emo do you?