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Meet Preparation


How would u plan 3 month meet preparation cycle ?
Any even very general outline would be highly appreciated


Strength Challenge in Beyond (p88) is exactly what you are looking for


Meet prep, or as my wife calls foreplay, Meat Prep, is overrated for most people. 99% of the time, they fuck it up because they do something totally stupid like “heavy walkouts” or do 2-3 meets before the meet. Just to make sure they totally fuck up the real meet. it’s a good plan.

We switch between 3-6 weeks of FSL/5’s Pro work with 3-6 weeks of something harder (BBB, BBS, SSL, conditioning work, etc.) - if you have a meet coming up, just make sure you do 3-6 weeks of harder stuff with 1 week of “easy” at the end.

Just don’t try to make up 12 weeks of not training hard by forcing more volume AND intensity into final 3 weeks. Mental midgets drive me nuts.