Meet Prep with Basic 5/3/1

Totally new to this forum. I searched for a similar question but couldn’t find one.

All I do for lifting is the super basic 5/3/1 program: the four-week cycle that includes a de-load week, with just three sets for each lift each week. This one.

I lift twice a week. On Sundays or Tuesdays I squat and bench. On Thursdays I deadlift and press. I don’t even do the assistance work. I go rock climbing Su/Tu/Th and lift when I’m done. The other days of the week I do jiu jitsu or judo.

The program’s been working swell for me. I just deadlifted 455lb x2 at 196lb BW, and I managed a 425lb squat last month. I think it’d be fun to enter a rookie meet, but I have NO idea how I’d taper for that. Do I just try to time it so the meet comes right after a de-load week?

Appreciate any guidance you can provide! Thank you!