Meet Prep for Nov 7

I’ve been training hard but distracted with other things but finally registered for another meet. About 11 weeks and going to start logging to keep things on track.

Everything is going well. I just finished a deadlift cycle and peaked a bit so I’m backing off on deadlift work. Squat is where it needs to be so I’m going to do a bit lower volume / intensity while I start accumulating volume for deadlift again. About 5 weeks out I’ll start trying to peak for squat. Bench volume has been steady but that is getting more specific as well.

Last tested maxes were squat 465 on a 1 hole box, bench 325 with a 3000 count pause, and deadlift was 510x5 with some left in the tank.

Meet goals are 465, 345, and 605 which I think are attainable. I’m sitting about 190-194 right now with the most muscle I’ve held. I’m going to start cleaning things up to move back into 181 territory. The weight loss is the only thing that has me nervous, but as long as I eat clean it shouldn’t be too bad. I threw in some AM cardio a few weeks ago and I’ll add maybe 2-3 days when I get back from travel.

11 Weeks Out: Workout 2 - Bench

1000 ct pause bench:
…second set slow, last set @ 9 world better than second set

Dips + Pull ups:
1 plate x 6 + BW x 4
2 plate x 6 + BW x 6
2.25 x 6 + BW x 10 x 2
BW x 10 x 2
…distracted helping someone figure squat stuff out. got cold and dropped a set of dips

Band Scap Depressions

…Travelling until Friday then I compress a deadlift and speed bench workout into one then back on schedule. Have more travel scheduled which will end up screwing with diet. I need to be 100% when I’m home.

11 Weeks Out: Workout 3/4 - Bench/Deadlift

…pulled last one conventional
…deadlifts have aggravated right shoulder/clavicle as of late. Need to be more dilligent about getting bicep/pec/shoulder area loosened up before pulling

…Skipped bench

…Got in after 2 am. Was going to skip gym but went in anyway. Warming up I was going to call it a wash and just stretch out but ending up pulling anyway. This is like a 6 week back-off. Previous work sets were between 480-540 for sets of 5-3. Hopefully slow and steady deadlift progression will put more where I need to be. Plan for this meet prep is just slow and steady. I have a tendency to push too hard, too fast and peak early.

10 Weeks Out: Workout 1 - Squat

Warm Up:

High Hang Snatch:
…just trying to get a little pop and warm up hips

Up to 365x8
…med/narrow stance
…felt like shit

1.5 Pause Squat:
…comp stance
…pause first rep then up halfway and back down and up
…just trying to stay tight and drill position and potential to grind

Back Attack (Bent Back) x 2 sets
GHR (High foot plate) x 2 sets
Step Ups x 2 sets

Been squatting off a low to super-low box. Trying to get back used to going without it. Left hip felt a bit blocked and I was favoring the right. Should have spent more time loosening up high hamstring but I was able to get over more on the pause squats.

Solid 80-85% workout. Nothing too hard yet and the plan is to just coast to meet with the majority of these type sessions. I have a couple planned for rep PRs in the 3-5 rep range, then 5 weeks out or so it starts to get more challenging.

10 Weeks Out: Workout 2 - Deload Bench

Warm Up:
Extra Solid
Shoulder Horn 30 x 2

Up to 275x8
…@ 9, last rep slowed considerably didnt want to risk a grind and shut it down

Pull Ups:
1 ch x 2/4/6 ladder x 4 + 4 = 52 total reps

Delts: 4 sets
Curls: 4 sets
Pull Aparts: Some

Wanted 275x10 but didn’t push for it. Last speed bench day was unintended deload this one was planned. Next week fun starts again w/ a volume bench session. Tried lifting my head on warm up sets but didn’t like it. Not going to change anything on bench for this cycle but may play around with grip, setup, and technique this Winter.

Pretty sore from squats. Not sure how taxing the pause squats are plus a relatively high volume of sumo pulls. My hips are sensitive and we will see how this plays out over the next 4 or so weeks. I did some hip/glute stretch and squat sit and holds during rest periods.

Moving everything up a day as I have an event Sunday early AM that I don’t think I’ll want to squat after it.

10 Weeks Out: Workout 3 - Deadlift

Warm Up:

Dead Squat:
Up to 315x1x8
…I do a negative on these, rest on pins, relax, then explode

…straps last set without

Leg Curls: 3x8
Kneeling Abs: 4x6
Calves: 5x10+

Not much to report. Pretty routine. Put a new hone on my kitchen knives and made london broil. Sharp knives do make a difference when trying to slice it thin.

Diet is super strict next 4 or so weeks while sessions should be relatively easy. I’ll see where I’m at after that and probably add a few more carbs if I’m within some water manipulation of 181.

Some impressive numbers.
What kind of diet/nutrition are you currently on? How tall are you?

I’m currently running the Monolith, but after I might toss in some of your routines to go after a slightly more PL approach.

Good log, keep it up, I’ll be following along.

[quote]littlesleeper wrote:
Some impressive numbers.
What kind of diet/nutrition are you currently on? How tall are you?

I’m currently running the Monolith, but after I might toss in some of your routines to go after a slightly more PL approach.

Good log, keep it up, I’ll be following along. [/quote]

I’m 5’7".

I have a varied training history, got into more powerlifting / strength-focused workouts awhile ago. I have two longer training logs back in the archives. Starting from never having really squatted or pulled up until today.

Diet/nutrition right now is ad hoc. Fattier meat (chicken thighs, london broil, western beef ribs), brocolli/cauliflower/brussel sprouts I prefer them roasted in olive oil, and maybe some nuts or almond butter. I also make a hash with a bag of hashbrowns, a packet of bacon, and 12 eggs plus another 12 egg whites that I’ll eat sporadically. On squat deadlift days, I’ll have some oats in the AM and rice or a baked potatoe after workout and maybe for dinner. I expect to drop weight eating like this.

I’ve been super strict in the past weighing measuring everything and it works but I don’t have the free self control to devote to that right now. I may have to go that route depending on these next couple weeks go.

I’m really just making things up as I go. I take a big sheet of paper, fold it half and half again twice making 16 blocks for 4 workouts/week for a month, then start to fill it in. If anything my theories as of late involve alternating volume days (5x5 or similar) with rep maxes plus some additional work in the form of downsets usually swapping a bar / grip / pin pause reps / slingshot or reverse band etc. on downsets sometimes working up to a heavy single or double. Basic volume to intensity taper going into a meet usually about 4-5 weeks out. I try not to push deadlift and squat volume up together and my bench responds to an almost ridiculous high amount of volume.

10 Weeks Out: Workout 4 - Bench Acc

Warm Up:

Buffalo Bar Bench w/ Double Monster Mini:
… alternate 3 grips
…30-45 sec rest

WG Swiss Bar Press + DB Row:
95x8 + 75x10
115x8 + 95x10
135x8 + 115x10
155x8 + 130x10 x 2

DB Standing Front Raise: 4 x 6
Seated DB Curl: 4x10

Solid quick session. In and out in about an hour. Looked at my plan and I managed to get a week ahead on deadlift somehow. That means I have a deload session I can throw in anytime and I’ll probably need it.

9 Weeks Out: Workout 1 - Squat

Warm Up:
Extra Solid

Snatch Pull + Snatch:
40 x 3 + 3
50 x 2 + 2
60 x 2 + 2 x 2
70 x 1+1
80 x 1+1
85 x 1+1 (PR)
90 x 1+1 (PR)

Snatch Pull:


Back Attack: Some
Leg Ext: Some

Pleasant surprise on snatch. Last cycle was high hang pulls which turned into muscling them up. Watched some Chinese lifters doing lighter snatch pulls and tried to mimic that and first rep I knocked my hat off meaning I was keeping the bar close into hip then straight up. This led to a PR. Overhead catch position could use some work but these should keep creeping up as I keep my practicing them.

Squats were poor. Had 385x8 planned but got back on my heels on fifth rep and shut it down. Did another set up 5 to make up for it.

Work late up feeling stiff and weak. Had a protein shake then right into gym and I was winded right after warmup and should have at least had some decent carbs. Snatches were a bit of an anomaly and I was about due for a bad workout. Going to ignore this and keep pushing on.

9 Weeks Out: Workout 2 - Bench

Warm Up:

…4-5 minutes rest between sets

V Grip Low Row: 3x10
DB Hammer Curls: 4x6
6 Way Delts: 3xAMRAP

Hips are destroyed. Busy day and I got this one in early. Been stretching every evening so warmups are minimal to nothing.

9 Weeks Out: Workout 3 - Deadlift

Warm Up:

Dead Squat:


Leg Curl: 3x10
Pull Through: 3x12
Decline Sit Up: Up to 15kg x 6

Beat and this was a mini deload as planned. Tried to be more of a technician on pulls, but didn’t have deadlift socks so I was letting them drift out a bit and muscling them up.

I’m making some slight adjustments to the rest of the program, could use a solid night’s sleep, but everything is still going as planned.

A bit nervous about the next two deadlift workouts, then I start tapering volume on deadlift and really drilling squat.

9 Weeks Out: Workout 4 - Bench Acc

Warm Up:

Buffalo Bar Bench w/ Doubled Monster Minis:
…3 grips
…slowed down on comp grip at end, close grip was good

Swiss Bar Press + DB Rows:
165 x 6 + 125 x 10 x 3

JM Press: 4x10
Seated DB Curls: 4x6

Rushed but got it done. Going to start hitting tricep accessory stuff more and increasing bench assistance that I’ve noticed carry over in the past.

I have to squat Sunday but relatively free weekend so hopefully some R&R will occur between now and then.

8 Weeks Out: Workout 1 - Squat

Warm Up:

Snatch Pull + Snatch:
Up to 70x1+2x3

Up to 405x7

High Bar Squat:

R&R weekend didn’t work out and I woke up with a sore throat, some sinus stuff, and a headache. Shower, coffee, and food removed headache and some meds got me into gym.

Needed to beat 6 on squat and took 7 then shut it down. Was feeling better and was going to do more but I was smart and shut it down.

We will see how it feels tomorrow. Just want it to fade away without Dr. visit and antibiotics.

Was still pretty happy with squats. Had 8 in my head going in but didn’t chase it.

8 Weeks Out: Workout 2 - Bench

Warm Up:

2000 ct Pause Bench:
330x1 @ 10
…partner count

Dips + WG Pull Ups:
90x8+BWx8 x 3

Curls: 5x10
Rear Delts: 3x12

First set was nervous as I wasn’t used to that long of pause. After that went smooth. Was supposed to do four sets but did a single in lieue of 4th set. Partner forgot to count so that was like a 4000 ct pause at 315. Hesitated about 330 but took it anyway as everything went routine. Back nearly cramped but butt stayed down and weight went up.

Feeling good. Slow and steady.

8 Weeks Out: Workout 3 - DL

Warm Up:

3000 ct Pause Squat:
A ton
Up to 315x3
…just practicing form


HS Curls: 8x4 …explode then slow negative
Standing Ab Pulldowns: Heavy
Calves: 4x15

Was feeling good going in. First set of deadlifts took the wind right out of my sails. The weight moved easy enough but abnormal waves of fatigued ran over me right when I was finished. I was supposed to do 4 sets but 3 felt right.

I think I still may be sick or just terrible allergies. Noise is runny and I have a slight cough. I’ve been medicated the past couple days which did make me feel better.

8 Weeks Out: Workout 3 - Bench Acc

Warm Up:

Buffalo Bar Bench w/ Doubled MMs:
A lot
…not speed work

Seated DB Press: 10x3, AMRAP
Lat Pull Down: 12x3
HS Row: 20x2
Cable Hammer Curls: A ton

Speed bench was nowhere close. Took too big of jumps on this cycle so I cut if off there and just did some bodybuilding type stuff.

7 Weeks Out: Workout 1 - Squat

Warm Up:
Good but missed glutes

Up to 425x2x2
…not greatest

RDL: Up to heavy set of 8
Hip Thrusts: 15x3
Kneeling Ab Pull Downs: 6x4

Cossacks: 3 sets w/ band support

Not great. Last weeks squats actually went remarkably well and I’m trying to figure out what I did. I think it was not having my hips beat from pulling sumo a couple days before. Still on schedule so I’m not going to complain too bad.

Pretty beat and in a bit of a hole. Need to get my straightened up, back on track with stretching and meal prep, and continue carrying on. I’m on like a two week cycle. I’ll get everything set to go, great for a week, then the next weeks falls into disarray until I order it.

7 Weeks Out: Workout 2 - Bench

Warm Up:
Slim to None

T&G Bench:
Up to 305x5 (PR)
…butt came up on last rep

1000 Count Pause Spoto Bench:
…thumb from smooth

WG Pull Up: 10x4
NG Pull Down: 15x2

Cable Hammer Curls: 4 sets
Seated DB Curls: 2 sets

100 side delts

Beat but that went well. Liking spoto bench with a narrower grip. May deload pulls slightly this week because my hips are pretty thrashed.

7 Weeks Out: Workout 3 - DL

Stretch and rested hips

7 Weeks Out: Workout 4 - Bench Acc

Warm Up:

CG Bench:

Seated DB Press:
Up to 70x10

EZ Ext: 10x4
Low Row: 8x3
Curls: 6x4

Shit is nearly back together. Need to do more stretching on hips tonight then I may go a bit nuts on squats tomorrow.

6 Weeks Out: Workout 1 - Squat

Warm Up:

Snatch Pull + Snatch + Hang Snatch:

Up to 415x3
…shit, stance too narrow, no hips

Back Attack: 10x3

…Frustrated at squats and decided to work around

Up to 405x2
…wider stance, the way they should be

Semi-frustrating and supposed to be a deload day. I felt alright and kept the volume lower but went heavier anyway with not good results. Worked back up. Inside hips are still tight but my glutes are active at bottom.

I’ve learned the lesson before, but higher volume sumo pulls especially are not for me.