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Meet Prep Criticism


Hope you can get the idea as I started planning in german and then switched to english when I thought about recieving criticism online.

That’s the program I just worked out to prepare for my next meet in May.
It’ll start in Februrary as I hope that I’ll be able to train lower body by then… I gotta start slowly and cant’t train balls to the wall from beginning on, so excuse the fact taht I’ll start out with 60kg/132lbs… haha.
Hope I’ll be able to squat/dl 200kg or 440 lbs@148 as my PRs are 418 and I want to break that barrier :slight_smile:

ME Lower which won’t be a real ME because of the injury rehab
ME Upper 2 Different Workouts, one beeing raw and low boards and one beeing high boards and shirt so it’s kinda like MM style I guess

Speedwork didn’t help me alot, I guess I just gotta be bigger and stronger before benefiting of that.
RE LowerUnilateral Work to even strenght dysbalances, frontsquats for leg and core strength, moderate boxsquating to get stronger and bigger, but not killing myself with intensity or volume and deadlift singles to improve the drive of thhe floor… just doing speed deads didn’t work for me as I lost about 40lbs during the last 1.5 months before my last meet.

So I wanted to incorporate wave loading as I read good things about that and bench full range only every other week to keep of excess shoulder stress so I use close grips as main assistance lift.

Any Comments and please excuse my English… It’s late over here and I am too tired to look for all the mistakes and typos I surely made. haha

Have a nice Day


Sorry bro tried to check it out I dont have excell




Not bad IMHO. i think you rwave loading doesn’t slide back enough, you might want to drop more than 2.5 kilos as you wave back, maybe start each wave 2.5 kgs higher each wave.

If you box squat as your main ME workout i understand you will either dl in rack or speed singles off floor after ward?

4 weeks is longer than i wave but it may work for you very well.

No matter how you write it you just have to do it to find out how you respond, then adjust next cycle.


Thanks for your Input, Jack

Yes, I planned to do some Rack Pulls after the Box squat and then Pull moderatly from the floor on RE Day