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Meet Prep (Central Florida Open Championships)

Currently in the first week of prep for the Open Championships (Usapl) July 24-25th. This will be my first ever meet. I just came off of Candito’s 6-week cycle which was my first actual program I’ve ever followed and ended up with 375 Bench (touch and go, not paused), 455 Squat and a 490 Deadlift (21 years old, 208lbs). Will now be running his 6-week cycle for squat/dl and his advanced bench program leading into the meet. I plan on repeating weeks 3 or 4 to compensate for the missing week. I will post my progress as I go here as well as on my youtube. If you would like to see the max outs from the previous cycle let me know and I can provide! Look forward to talking with all of you and hope you enjoy!

P.S If anyone is doing this meet as well let me know


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I’d start working on keeping my butt on the bench. It looks like it comes up consistently as weight gets heavier. And squats look high. A lot of people have been posting high squats lately


Definitely agree on the butt, it is my biggest issue as of right now. Not sure if you could tell a difference between the first benches and the last but I have been working on a much tighter tuck to prevent my hips having anywhere to go. As for the squat depth I think it is good when it counts, although it does seem I only hit right at parallel in some training sets. Here is my 455 I mentioned previously (personally think it is good depth but could be wrong). https://www.instagram.com/p/BF7DoIVo1Od/?taken-by=thareal56

With squat, make sure you set up with knees locked tight at the top and finish the same way. Depth is tight.

Regarding bench, your ass lift is severe on the early part of your video and will be called by any USAPL ref. Also, you need to practice with elbows locked at the start, a decent pause on the chest, and elbows locked at the finish.

Also, make sure you’re locked out at the top of your DL and used to holding the bar there.

If you don’t train singles with commands, start now so it feels like second nature by the time your meet comes around.

Good luck to you!

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Yeah it is extreme once I get under decent weight or fatigued, definitely emphasizing that in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the tips!

Second squat video looked good. If you can get tight on bench before you start the lift and focus on staying tight it help more than the sudden tense up after the pause. Idk if you want to try but you can tuck your feet more, I bring my legs out wider to get them back further and itll get you a bit tighter and harder to push your butt up

Yeah I have started getting a much tighter tuck. Started wearing my olympic shoes so I can have my feet further back. Haven’t tried widening my feet at the same time as a tighter tuck, I’ll play around with that some.

Last bench work for week 1, squats and deads tomorrow to finish the week up. Bench was feeling extremely good today.


Next time record a side angle. The 315 looked like your butt is off again. And if go into the comp without really getting that down it will screw you. Especially on second and third attempt when the weight gets heavy

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third set of 315 was a side angle, butt was on the bench on all sets/reps except the 2nd or third rep of the third set of 270

just rewatched it, you right. the third rep of the last set on 315 did come off

4x6 at 365 on backsquat and 2x6 at 400 on deadlifts. Everything felt good today, took the advice and slowed the reps down at the top on the squats and deadlifts.


why don’t you lift your head up a bit on the DLs?

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I pull with a weird mix between sumo and conventional. Idk honestly, just feels the safest/most comfortable way to keep spine healthy

In my opinion, your DL head position is fine
as your shoulders look locked. Many people are successful with semi-sumo/modified sumo form.

Squat depth still looks suspect on some of your reps. You definitely want to sink the first one. First impressions, you know.

Also, I always tell people to video from the position of the refs: side and front. No one judges from the back.

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Yeah depth is definitely inconsistent, it comes out more in longer sets (5-8) than it does in heaver singles/doubles. Gonna start working in some heavier paused bench and work on squat depth consistency.

three paused singles at 315 and a 3x3 at 270. bench is feeling strong!!


Hell yeah!!! Squats felt good today!


Bench is much better. Can’t have the straps from the wrist wraps over your thumbs on the platform, however.

Squats are still a bit inconsistent. Most are deep enough, but there are some that may be called, like the first rep of the 225 set.

Yeah i’ve been looking back on my squat sets and it seems early reps of a set and of the workout look worse than later, i’m going to start warming up a bit more making sure my hip flexors are loose when I get started. And thanks for the thumb loop tip, I had forgotten about that