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Meet Prep and Singles

Just attempted my 95% meet goal single on deadlift, didn’t even break the ground. Gutted. I can bitch and moan and say it was an off day but I don’t want to chance that and potentially balls up the rest of my training and fall flat come meet day. Any advice, aside from obviously lowering my meet goal?

Many thanks

I should mention that I hit my 92.5% single (I.e. second attempt at meet) with relative ease last week. All my other 95% singles this week have also been fine.

My only advice is that you do not change your plan. I don’t know what your plan is, but if you panic and make a bunch of last-minute modifications, you will not learn anything from this training cycle.

If your pulls go badly at the meet, you get information that makes you better going forward. If you tweak a bunch of shit now, you essentially waste the whole training cycle.

Also, the deadlift is fickle. If you’re relatively fresh going into the meet, you should be fine. My pulls fluctuate week-to-week, and are more affected by my overall physical state than the other lifts. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Im assuming those %'s based off of your meet goal, not your current PR or training max, correct? If so what is your current PR and what did you set the goal at?

Correct. My 5/3/1 work runs of a TM of 175. My goal meet is 200 and is used for my programmed singles as per 5/3/1 For Powerlifting. My last PR was 190, I’ve pulled the number both sumo and conventional

You run a good point. Especially as it’s my first meet, thanks for the input!

I’m assuming those are kg’s? Regardless, it sounds like 200 was a realistic goal if you pulled 190 multiple times before. Sucks that you missed it in the gym but who knows maybe you’ll be able to hit it on meet day, and if you feel really good and have made all your lifts then go for it.

Stick to the plan. Trust the process. Cliches aside, it’s important to do that. On the day either go for 200 or stay safe at 190 if you’re feeling off by the time deadlifts roll around.

When is the meet? I would have tried to not miss any singles in prep and do singles either at tm or autoregulate singles so heavy but not a true 1rm.

5th November. I’m following the prep as stated, like Wendled says, there’s no point in bastardising a programme

Yeah, all kilos. I’ve got 200 up to lockout and failed on sumo right after I pulled 190. Conventional has been a struggle for a while getting form right. It could just be fatigue but I don’t like making excuses, I like there to be a reason. Can only see how meet day goes now I guess, all a learning curve!

Would you reckon increasing TMs as per the programme would be a good idea then?

I’d say no, reset your DL TM back three cycles. Your strength won’t suffer and you’ll feel better hitting all your lifts.