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Meet on Sept. 19: The Plan


I have a meet on Saturday, Sept. 19th. Im thinking about what kind of lifting I should be doing 2 weeks before my meet (obviousley taking the week before it off). My plan is this,

Monday- Squat, workup to opener with light GM assistance

Wendesday- Bench, work up to opener, light MP assistance

Friday: DL, not gonna try and work up to my opener here, (gonna shoot for 405 at the meet, my opener will be 365, maybe do 315 on this day)?

Then my meet is on the following saturday. My only worry is going into the meet and not have done any squatting for almost 2 weeks. Maybe do some light squats on friday?


That's certainly not the worst plan I have seen. We typically want to hit 90% of our projected max for 3-5 reps 2 weeks out.

If we have enough history on the lifter we can then make an educated guess on what every rep beyond the first one is worth (in other words, some lifters are good for 5#'s per rep, some 10#'s....depends a lot on muscle fibre composition and can vary by lift).

The key is to not leave your best lifts in the gym. You want to hit the meet stronger than you were the last heavy workout in the gym. I think this point is missed frequently and is a common conversation for me to have at local meets.

Is this your first meet?

I wouldn't pull anything closer than 10 days out. Even that should be pretty moderate.

There is nothing wrong with doing some light squatting on Monday before the meet and some light benching on Tuesday.

It think it helps keep you sane that last week and maintains muscle memory


To make it simpler, here's a link to my log. You could just glance at what ive been doing the last week or so.


Im in my 2nd week of my 4th 5/3/1 cycle. My DL session is friday... maybe I should make that the last pulling session before the meet?

Yes, this is my first meet.

That makes me feel alot better knowing I can do some light work the week before the meet.



Cool. First meets are golden. Seriously. Try to go 9/9 and leave a little on the platform. It will send your confidence soaring and set you up for a great powerlifting presence.

I would probably shut your DL down after that. The work is done and you are as strong as you will get.

I haven't hit your log yet but will state 5/3/1 is a great ongoing template but tough to peak.

You will only get better, my man.


Here's a generic pre-meet plan we try to follow:

3 weeks out - last week of regular training - ME movements are free squat and regular bench press, Instead of speed pulls on DE lower day, work up to DL opener and do three singles with it.

2 weeks out - work to squat and bench openers on ME days. We usually do 3 singles with the opening weight. DE days use reduced weight and band tension

meet week - ME days - warm up then work up to 50% and call it done, skip DE days. Thursday do some heavy foam rolling or have ma$$age.

The work on meet week is just to keep you loose. We compete raw, if you lift equipped you may want to do things a bit differently.


Where in CT is it and with what fed??


It's in Albany New York, and it's USAPL.


And thank you apwsearch and tcsimon.


Alright, goodluck man!


They put on a great meet there (Albany Strength), you should have a lot of fun. Usually there are some very good lifters, they move the meet along at a very good pace, and unlike at USAPL Nationals, they actually play loud angry music. (not knocking the Library like environment at the Nationals of course.)

And before you ask. No, I'm not competing. I'm still faking the whole groin pull thing for a few more months. :wink:


Good luck man with your first meet !! I have found for me if i stop training heavy 2 weeks out and just do very little recovery work to stay loose i'm itching to get undre the bar and crush on meet day. My first meet i trained up until 5 days out and didn't have anyhting in the tank on the platform.


Yes, Albany strength looks like a great place for a first meet. One day Modi ill see you at a meet, mark my words!


That's the plan. I want this meet to go smooth.

Thanks for the encouragment man.