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Meet in 10 Weeks



I have a bench only meet in 10 weeks. March 13th. I have been doing 531 using first set last multiple sets for 2 cycles now. Just wondering with 10 weeks before meet should I switch to 351 now instead and follow the pre meet training and meet prep training outlined in 531 powerlifting book ? or just continue 531 and cut out the first set last and only hit prescribed reps about 4 weeks away from meet and incorporate some joker sets and taper down assistance work?

The amount of weeks left is what’s screwing me up. I would like to follow the pre meet training and meet prep training outlined in 531 for powerlifting but that would be 8 weeks, and I’m currently just about to start a new cycle of 531 on Monday.

Any help would be appreciated thanks


I would do 6 weeks of leader, followed by 3 weeks of anchor, with a deload on the week of the meet. Hope this helps!


Thanks manze. do you know where I can get the best description of the leader / anchor that you recommended? Not totally sure what it is


You can get the information on this forum somwhere, but that’s probably gonna be a struggle and you wont get the whole idea. Instead you should head to Wendlers personal forum - there he explains everything in great detail! His forum is really worth the money! This was the best investment I’ve been doing for my mind and my training.


work back from the MEET line to your current week and then proceed forward

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Some people prefer a deload/speed work with light percentages the week before the meet or nothing at all. Moreover u can adjust the chart in the link with the Meet Prep info in 531 Powerlifting., You know your body best.

or follow Swedes 5th Set peaking layout if u can get your hands on his ebook.

Good Luck


I would do 6 weeks 351,deloads week 7 then 35and the 1 week for your meet . Minimal assistance after the main lift on the 5 and 3 weeks of the last cycle. Don’t go past your opener on the heavy singles.
I rarely deload, but don’t train too failure.
Good luck!


i didnt know links werent allowed anymore, so it was deleted

Anyway, Wendler has a 531 10 week peak chart floating around