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Meet Help

I have a meet March 10, I was wondering the next 2 weeks what should I do? What day would you guys squat,bench, and pull on? What percentages should I be doing? Thanks for the help guys.

I deload 2 weeks before a meet. I keep my training the same in terms of days I do things, just lower the intensities and volumes.

I am assuming you are relatively new to the sport just given the question. Everybody is different but this is common (FYI you have 3 weeks until the meet - I am assuming you had already planned out this coming week). For the week of 27-2nd for a lot of people, particularly ones just getting started, that is where they use the heaviest weight in training. It doesn’t have to be a complete max out, but it might be a heavy single or a big triple or something like that. Depending on how aggressive you want to be it is usually around weight you want to do on your second attempt. The week before the meet I suggest people do their meet warm-ups and work up to their openers (which should be very conservative) for squat and bench - squat might be on Monday, bench on Tuesday, do some very light assistance stuff (all warm-up sets) just to stay loose, 1-2 exercises each day, something you have already been doing, 2-3 sets again light. Deadlifting this week is usually unnecessary. Wed is usually either some walking or nothing. Thurs and Fri complete rest and Saturday is go time.

Don’t radically change your schedule and don’t try to max out to see where you are.

Again with limited info on you this is my standard for getting ready for a meet. If you want to provide more info (planned numbers, current routine, weight, years lifting, etc) then I could give you more info as well