Meet Frequency Opinions

Just curious as to what the opinions are on how many meets to do per year. Even if it isn’t a recommendation how many meets do you guys shoot for each year? Do most of you just do a local to qualify and then do nationals?

I’m doing 2, I don’t see a reason to do it more often. The little gains you make between could easily be lost on one missed lift if you compete too often. Where as if you put 100+ lbs on your total there shouldnt be any reason not to out lift your last meet

2 and then nationals or 1 local and then nationals?

I mean both are technically local but one is a qualifier for the second.

Depends on several factors, training time, programming, weight cuts, etc.

If you’re usually on a high intensity program that is almost always ready for peaking ( conjugate ) you can do frequent meets as long as you’re not cutting a ton of weight each time. A meet isn’t too stressful on the body for most raw lifters.

If you’re on a linear periodization type that takes a good bit to peak you’re pretty limited in how many you can do.

Something like triphasic just request 13-15 weeks depending on how long of a peaking cycle you want.

Personally for me anything more than 3 is pushing it in terms of progress you can make between them. Two works really well. Spring/Fall usually. Get a solid 20 weeks between meets and you can make some serious progress.