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Meet Experience OPA Classic Championship


Cliff Notes:
went 8/9 with 667.5 kg total (1471.59 lbs) first in open 120kg weight class.

So I know I don't post here, but I creep and creep and creep. I always enjoy the meet reports/experiences/success/fails and really learned a lot. I debated not posting this, but had some time tonight and decided what the hell.

So some background info...

This was my second meet, my first I hit my 635kg total I needed to qualify for provincials. This would have been easier if a few months prior I didn't muck up my back in a stupid in gym deadlift competition... also 3 weeks prior I had someone fall into my knee while playing football. Partial torn MCL, PCL and patella tendon. Awesome.

My training leading to the meet was 5/3/1 based until 3 cycles before where I went to the 3/5/1 with singles. My top in gym deadlift was 625lbs, squat 445lbs, bench 395lbs with a true 2 count pause.

On meet day I left for Belle River around 6am, hoping to make it there for 8-8:30 with plenty of time to weigh in, get checked and eat my face off. I was going to carpool with another lifter but he was sick the entire week before and couldn't eat (told him it just meant he was cutting... he said no). I arrived, missed my initial weigh in and had to wait til everyone else was in, I had something small to eat before driving but I didn't want to load up before weighing in (this is important later) and I checked in at a healthy 118.6kg and promptly began eating my chicken, rice and gatorade to bloat up.

The warm up room had two squat racks and a great atmosphere. Great lifters shooting the poop and talking about the days when they needed a team to show up and help them into squat suits and knee wraps... there was alot of master aged lifters there. I got alot of help from Dave Hoffman with picking my weights and I felt very very comfortable with my opener. aimed for 90% of my training max.

opener felt amazing at 182.5kg

2nd attempt we moved up from my plan, it went too easy as well

3rd attempt... well this was a bit above my training max but the depth and the speed went too easy again, a bit slow in the middle (weak point) but I feel confident I could have jumped higher after seeing it in action

I really focused on my pause this training cycle hoping it would pay off... I need to do better with replicating meet day I think.
opener 160kg

my second attempt I decided to get close to where I wanted to be but I was confident I could still hit it 170kg, you can see I slow down a bit near the top... its important for my third.

3rd attempt... could have gone better. So so so easy in training. A joke in training...

Overall it was a disappointment any way you has it because I was able to walk in and hit my 3rd any day of the weak. Even after maxing out my overhead press.

So going into deadlifts, my club president Dave Hoffman notices the only other lifter in my class has me by total, but I am 1.1kg lighter... and my deadlift is my money lift. I was down 17.5kg and I like to open very light. Dave decide we stick with the opener and after that we jump and keep the tie to win by formula. I had Dave Pignozzo helping me with baby powder... got to be smooth haha
Opener I let get in front of me a bit but flew up 265kg

So now the games begin. We take this jump to tie with whatever my competition had picked for his opener and hoped he didn't make it... boom. 280kg. The lockout slowed down which had me a bit worried.

3rd... this was more weight then I have ever held in my hand, especially from the ground.
we originally picked a lighter weight but had to adjust once my competition took the platform just to make sure he didn't up it at the last minute.

Overall I had an awesome experience, really enjoyed the venue, other lifters and besides my bench, two overall PRs. Can't complain... about anything other then my bench.

My take aways:
Squat... need to continue my current plan and bring up core
bench... lockout and pause work
deadlift... already said core, I think it is working otherwise.

Any tips or pointers for help is appreciated.


Solid job dude, really. Thanks for posting and you can already begin helping other less experienced lifters along. I mean after all the flamming, yelling and dicking around the way we do, it really is about helping each other get better as lifters. You found some weak points and already know how to fix them. This is a great forum, Welcome.


I guess you lifted on Sunday because I see Bill J. in the centre chair.

I'm glad you had such a good experience. Any meet Jerry M. puts on goes well and is a lot of fun.

Do you have any photos from the meet? I run the OPA website and will be doing the newsletter after the equipped provincials and there aren't many pictures of the meet.

Are you planning to go the nationals?

I just looked at the results. I guess you train with Dave.


My previous meet was the UTM classic, I really hope they put on another meet but it's not on the calender right now.

I have a few photos and a couple extra videos that a friend of mine took during the meet. I plan to pass them onto Dave tomorrow when we have a Golden Triangle workout.

I thought about nationals but didn't think it was worth it right now. I understand they are going to be held in st. catherines next year, I want to stay healthy for that haha.


I'll be seeing Dave next weekend and hopefully he can pass on the pictures.

Nationals in Vancouver is expensive. We missed Calgary last year.

Yes, our club, Niagara will be hosting nationals next year. Glyn puts on an excellent meet.


It's the main reason why I don't plan on competing in Vancouver. I think Niagara or something further east would be nice wouldnt mind have a meet in quebec but I dont think it would be favourable for most of the people that dont speak french


I gave the few pictures and videos I had to dave, he will bring them with him to your meeting.

I have heard nothing but good things about the niagara meets, heard it's sometimes a bigger show then provincials.

Is there a definite date for nationals next year? I can't remember if I found it somewhere.