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Meet Day Nutrition?

I was gonna post this in the diet and supp forum, but I know all powerlifters could care less about diet, so it would get overlooked. lol!

What if anything do you eat on meet day? I have a meet on Sat and was wondering what you seasoned vets do? I was thinking of getting up early and having two cups of rolled oats, some blueberries, and Low-Carb Grow! But that is before the meet, what to do during? I was thinking about popping two Spike’s (my secret weapon) about thirty minutes prior to my warm ups for squats. Then I will hit a scoop of Power Drive prior to my Bench. Then top it off with some Surge mixed wit another scoop of Power Drive during my DL warm ups. I have already experimented with mixing Spike and Power Drive a couple of hours apart, so that won’t be a problem. All day I plan on drinking lots of water and Gatorade. I will probably take two shakers full of Low-Carb Grow! if I can even find the time to drink them. Am I over thinking all this? My nerves will probably be to shot to even think about eating, but I think this is a pretty good plan. Comments?


Check out the elitefts.com Q&A. Run a search and you will probably find some tips. I would imagine having some bananas, yogurt, gatorade, or protein drinks on hand would be wise. I have a meet Sunday, and that is probably what I will do. Good luck!