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Meet Day Food?

Figured I would get more powerlifting specific attention here than in nutrition.

I have played around with this some in training but wanted to throw it out there and see what you guys think.

I figured I would mix up 6-8 servings of Surge Workout Fuel for the day, with 3 servings of MAG-10 in it.

Breakfast- Muscle milk n oats, some fruit, milk, and peanut butter, rice cake+nutella

On the way to the meet- Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth.muscle milk mix and a PB sandwich

During the rules meeting- Some Surge and a Finibar and rice cake with nutella. 2 spoonfuls honey.

Right after squats- Surge + Finibar + banana + pop tarts + honey

Right after bench- Muscle milk/Metabolic Drive mix(my favorite shake)+Finibar + banana + nutella on a rice cake + honey

For energy shit
(I don’t need much at meets, but more doesn’t throw me off)

Rules meeting- 25mg Ephedrine 200 mg caffeine

Before bench- 12.5mg ephedrine

Before deadlift- 25mg ephedrine and hemo rage pre-workout (I was given a whole box of samples and I like them… I am OCD about what I take for what, so these are only for deadlifts, the Spikes are only for squats)

If I get to where I can’t eat much would you guys suggest just Finibars and a shake with honey?

Last meet I literally couldn’t eat all day except a snack here and there…probably around 800 calories all day till the end of the meet… which is nothing to me considering I usually get close to or over 8000 a day now.

Even though there have been about 10 of these threads in the last month I’ll give my thoughts…again.

Finibars are great for getting in more food. I think for me I ate too much on meet day and just felt a bit bloated which I know most would say is a good thing but I’ve always felt I lifted better on an empty stomach. Poptarts, honey, Finibars, and protein shakes were my staple during this last meet.

I think one of the biggest things is to not eat a ton of foods that you don’t normally have. Stick to routine.

I’d skip the oats, with protien powder breakfast, and grab some steak and eggs. The rest of the day depends on the meet, but there’s usually no reason to not have a decent breakfast atleast.

Think ephedrines illegal in most feds bro, just a wee heads up incase u didny know and you end up getting tested

On the days I eat loads of carbs before workout than proteins, I usually get a much better workout, so that my apply on meets as well. But again, it might purely be placebo.

[quote]Scott - T-Nation wrote:
Think ephedrines illegal in most feds bro, just a wee heads up incase u didny know and you end up getting tested
I lift untested.

At my last meet, I had a few candy bars for sugar. But the rest of the time, I had divided 2-footlong oven roasted chicken breast sandwiches into 6" sandwiches. This gave me four meals on top of the protein shakes mixed with carbs (higher concentration of carbs than protein). Also, 3 gatorades and crap load of water. In addition a small chinese food plate my brother got for me.

this may sound like a lot but when you are waiting around all day and have an average of 2 to 3 flights per lift, you will get hungry and tired. The sugar kept me alert, and the subway sandwiches gave a nice full feeling where I was ready to lift but not bloated and ready to go to sleep on a full stomach.