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Meet Critique


Heres a video I put together following my last meet, let me know any criticisms or critiques you have. Sorry for the poor quality it went all fuzzy when I converted the files.

IPF meet, competed classic (raw) in the 74kg Junior Division.


Great job. You may want to consider using a low bar position on squat. You appear to be using a high bar position. I think with a low bar position you can use your hips more effectively. On your deadlifts, it looks like your feet can be closer to the plates. Your knees appear to not be over your toes; I am not sure if this is secondary to issues with adductor (groin) flexibility. If so, perhaps improving your groin/hip adductor ROM may put you in a more mechanically advantageous position. Otherwise, strong lifting.



It looks like the meet was a blast. I'm a bit jealous we're too far away to have been there.


Pretty good lifting there guy.


Wish I could went to that meet, i always love coming out to saskatoon, iron works is an awsome gym, keep up the good work and hopefully you'll come out to nationals in april


Thats actually why I did the meet, I needed a new qualifying total for Nationals so Ill definately be there.


I have to admit my groin and hip flexibilty has something to be desired howver I originally started with my feet wider, closer to the plates when deadlifting and I always struggled at lockout for some reason. After moving my feet in it just feels like the weights move so much faster. That being said since football season ended I've made improving flexibility a priority. Moving to a low bar squat position is something ive tried with only an empty bar and it never really felt too comfortable with more practice however thats definately something that will improve and its something I need to look into since your right, It looks like I'm having trouble bringing my hips through when squatting. Thanks for the input.


If you need an extra body for nationals let me know i'm gonna be there watching since I havnt yet popped me meet cherry yet, cause of an ACL tear. I'll definatly be there watching though


Posting for Canadian PL content.


Nice Lifts.......!
Looking forward to more.


Very strong lifting. I wish I was as far along as you are at your age.

My constructive criticism is that you missed each of your third attempts as a result of technical flaws. This suggests to me that you are completing near-max lifts in the gym with these same issues (depth on squat, hips on bench and hitching on the pull). I used to have a very bad uneven extension problem on the bench.

It appeared on all near-max attempts and the heavier the weight got, the worse it was. It wasn't until I changed my training to finish only reps that I could complete without extending my elbows unevenly that I fixed the problem. By finishing reps with that technical flaw, I was reinforcing a bad motor pattern when it came to heavy weights. My approach has since been that it is better to miss a lift by not completing it than it is to complete the lift with a technical flaw that will earn me red lights at a meet.

Form is definitely going to break down on max weights, but having it break down in a way that will draw reds is reinforcing bad motor patterns and should be avoided.


Thats something I havent really thought of before, the deadlift however was the first hitch I've ever had in my entire life training or meet. In that case I think i surprised myself how fast it came off the floor as that was a 25lbs PR and as a result wasnt fast enough bringing my hips through. The bench and squat though I think you might be right and I plan to start videoing max attempts in the gym to hopefully avoid these situations in the future. Thanks for the input.


Good luck.