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Meet Big Mo' the Real life Popeye.......

Has this been up yet? I didnt like this entire article. Two interesting points:

[quote]A minimum of three hours of training, at least twice a day
strength training
body sculpting
Weightlifting using heavy and light isolated weights

Daily diet includes:

3lbs of chicken
1lb of steak or fish
4 cups of almonds
various sources of carbohydrates
2 gallons of water
3 litres of protein shakes


I’m calling bullshit on this though wtf!? [quote] The gym fanatic admits to taking protein shakes to help with his bodybuilding but puts his bulging body down to genetics - his father was an Egyptian wrestler.[/quote]

…admits to taking protein powder…genetics…

I smell synthol or am I just hating?


There have been like four different threads on this guy. We get it, he looks disgusting, move on.

Damnit…just showed up in my newsfeed today…I thought I was on to something.

And as someone said in the other thread…he’s the complete opposite of Popeye.

cross fit sucks…

hold you top weight…

F the police…

can’t find pants that fit…


[quote]gregron wrote:
cross fit sucks…

hold you top weight…

F the police…

can’t find pants that fit…


LOL…but you forgot, “People are finally asking me what I am on”.

What’s “hold you top weight”?

Is that a Shakeweight reference?

And lest we forget this guy…it seemed like a thread about him popped up every week about 2 years ago.

^ who/what the hell is this?

[quote]andrew_live wrote:
^ who/what the hell is this? [/quote]

I can tell you who/what he’s not…a switch hitter

3lb of chicken? hahaha I knew of his threads but his dietry intake?

I doubt he even knows what a 45lb plate looks like let alone 3lb of chicken.

Going on what someone else had said in one of the other thousand threads that have this jackass as the topic…popeye had huge forearms not biceps…his biceps were a joke. This jackass and popeye are opposites…