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Meet Best

RPS powerliftng meet at 198 lbs (i weighed in at 193)

Squat 500
bench 340
deadlift 475

nice work man. That’s raw? do you have any vids?

Yes, raw. and kinda, i only have my openers for deadlift and bench

Great job, I am thinking about competing in an RPS meet, did they run a good meet?

yes they do! i have done 2 with them so far. they split the day into 2 sessions if they have lot of competitiors, so nobody has to wait allllll day to lift.
I did a meet with usapl, and that meet was total shit compared to RPS.

Good lifts. And yes, Gene and Ame run meets very well. If they say you’ll be lifting in ten minutes, then you had better be on the platform in ten minutes. No B.S.

And, to quote Gene–“You must squat to the correct depth–this is not the SPF.”

I am happy to hear they run good meets. I’ll be doing my first in November, and it’s an RPS meet.
And that is a great bench number. Good job man!