Medx Avenger Discontinued?

Dear Dr. Darden,
Why was Medx Avenger line discontinued?
I have access to Avnger leg press converging chest and row.
They alll feel incredible.

Not Dr. Darden. But straight from one of the (then) sales reps for MedX, the machines were just too expensive to produce, hence the profit margin was too low to justify continuing to produce them. The production of the Avenger machines included A LOT of steel and welding because of their design. That made them much more expensive to make. Which is why you saw (see) Hammer Strength and other companies using bent steel pieces to construct their machines. MedX could not be competitve (price wise) with other companies if their machines were way more expensive than any other plate-loading line. Their prices were already higher and they were barely breaking even from a profit standpoint. It was strictly a business decision. The machines are really great, I agree