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Meds/Equipment Organization

I’m curious if anyone has good ideas for an organizer. I’m on TRT and HCG - I have the small med bottles, as well as the necessary syringes, alcohol wipes, etc. Right now, everything is in a big box (HCG in the fridge, of course), but I’d love to organize everything better. I’m thinking a med kit fo some sort? Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you.


Cardboard box.

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Whatever works for you. I am different than most. I’ve had a work from home job for the last 17 years and have my own office which is off limits for the rest of the family except for the occasional pick up of printouts from my printer and occasional office supplies. It’s definately my ‘man cave’.

I keep all my supplies in an organizer within one of my cabinets, extra syringes in organizers under my desk, HCG in my office refrigerator, and current use supplies in a desk drawer.

I program my office computer calendar to alert me =on days when it’s time for an injection. I use OneNote to organize all my information into categories and Endnote as a database so that I can easily find and retrieve medical publications that are of interest.

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