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Medium Chain Triglycerides Knowledge

Does anyone have some knowledge or first-hand experience with MCT (coconut oil and/or palm kernal oil)?

I found this article, read through a good amount of it and found it really interesting.

I’ve heard some people on here talk about CO a bunch…but just that they take it.

For those of you with first hand experience with it:
what did you take?
how much?
how long?
what did you experience?

For those of you “in the know”:
what do you know about MCT beyond what this article says with regards to human trials?

I’m trying to cut a big of weight for PL and am considering picking some of this stuff up to assist.

I’ve been taking CO for about 5 months. I’ve tried 3 different brands.

Barleens, extra virgin organic, taste and smell great.

I’ve tried two others that were virgin organic(not extra virgin), these tasted and smelled really bad, I bought them cause they were cheaper, I threw them out.

I use them for my supershake and for cooking eggs.

I always have a container of CO on hand. I always opt. for the cold pressed Extra Virgin and I use Nutiva. It is a little pricey but it will last you a while.

I used it when I was dieting Keto. I usually threw in a tabelspoon in the morning after my breakfast. It’s really hard to tell whether or not it had a noticeable impact regarding weightloss. I did not have any trouble losing weight and my energy in the morning was great considering I was low carbing. CO could have contributed to that. I also noticed clearer skin ever since I have started taking it.

I can’t speak to the specifics of the MCT’s but, this is one of the most underrated food items in the world IMO. It has numerous health benefits.

thanks so far people…anyone else???

I take a tablespoon or two a day of extra virgin CO for about 4 months. I haven’t really noticed anything different. But then again, I’m eating 4500-5000 cal a day so I’d doubt I’d really take notice unless I was cutting.

-I used organic extra virgin coldpress from Vitamin world(got 2lbs on sale buy one get one free)

-I use 1 tbsp w breakfast omelet & now I’m experimenting using it pre-workout instead of fish oil. Haven’t noticed much because I just started doing it.

-about 6 months now.

-taste pretty damn good!
-Melts & heats really quick.
-Before CO I used to spray pam on my eggs so it wouldn’t stick to the pan. since the switch to CO I haven’t gained any weight or look fatter. so I guess it’s safe to say from that assumption that the extra calories from the CO was put to use.

-it cools & hardens pretty quick(a bitch to clean pans if you’re not on top of it)
-I don’t like the taste of it with meats.
-Might want to just eat it instead of mixing it into a shake.

Barlean’s is a great brand. Been using it for about six months.

Coconut Oil is excellent with eggs and good right off the spoon.

So I just found out that there is actually coconut flower. Can anyone say low net carb/high fiber coconut PANCAKES?! I’m going to find some!

It’s the only thing I cook with (it’s very heat stable, so will oxidise less).


  • In shakes it often goes solid

I have seen no energy benefits from 2 tablespoons a day.

I would only buy cold pressed, preferrably organic. Extra virgin does not have an offical classification so anybody can say their CO is extra virgin.

i just ordered some powdered MCT to give them a try for a month. we’ll see how things go.

i’ll probably just add them to my morning and night shakes.

[quote]plateau wrote:

I would only buy cold pressed, preferrably organic. Extra virgin does not have an offical classification so anybody can say their CO is extra virgin.[/quote]

This is where I’m a bit confused. I’ve tried 2 other brands that are virgin not extra virgin. They could have claimed extra virgin. In anycase barleens is the best tasting of the 3 I’ve tasted, I know I can get it cheaper with other brands but I am happy to pay extra for taste.

I mixed some vanilla (propeptide) protein powder with (melted) coconut oil once by acident. I eat it with a spoon once it solidified and was in heaven. I will have to try this next time I get Metabolic Drive.