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Meditropin (Pro-HGH)

Does anyone knows if this kind of supplement has any benefits for a young guy (22 years).

I’m trying to avoid using steroids (also because there are alot of fake ones on the market here in Brazil).

So I was thinking about this “pro-hormone”.
Most things I read about it say it is an “anti-aging” product, but I’ve also heard it helps gaining some lean mass while dropping your body fat.

Is that true? Does it worth?

I’m not trying to get a schwarzenegger look. Just want to get a “pump”.

I appreciate your responses, if there are any.


That does not contain any HGH and HGH cannot be delivered in any fashion other than by injection. Watch out for homeopathic formulas that have tiny amounts that are guaranteed to do nothing.

There are other things that promote HGH release, but this products name and promotion seems designed to mislead the uninformed. The price is very high. You can find better ways to spend your money.

This is not really a pro-hormone as there is no molecule that is near the structure of HGH that the body would transform into HGH. “pro-hormone” is a term usually used to refer to steroids. HGH is not a steroid hormone but is a peptide hormone.

Search this site for HGH, IGF-1 and then search and read about HGH promoters that you find. There are options, some affordable, some not that will work. Note that often these things can work in the short term but the effect wears off and the supplement then has reduced effects. The result is not predictable at all as different folks respond differently.

As HGH is so very expensive, the internet is full of rip off product$, many are completely u$ele$$ and appear to $ave you money VS HGH.

Healthy young adults do not need HGH from a health maintenance point of view.