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Meditation = CNS Recovery?


I've been curious about meditation/ self hypnosis whatever recently after I listened to this mp3 that made me cum without any hands. I was thinking, is it possible to meditate in a fashion that would promote CNS recovery and allow you to train at higher % more often?

feel happier?
sleep better?

I don't mean fucking crystals or new age BS, I mean using meditate to improve brain function and possibly improve brain - motor nerve function?

I can give a torrent to that mp3 too if anybody is curious. It kicked ass. Its about 35 minutes long though.


find an mp3 that makes you shit your pants and I'll be impressed....

actually yeah I want that mp3...



here it is. you have to do it laying down without getting distracted. worked for me.

there's a girl version too


Yeah, any kind of meditation will help. It stops your brain (and emotions) from wasting energy on shit that doesn't matter.

You only have so much blood going to brain at one time. Having it go to the motor areas is going to help when training much more than areas dealing with unconscious chatter.

I like yoga - mediation and stretching at the same time. I just go to the beginner's classes because they are more relaxing.

And yes, I'd like to hear that mp3. Post the file name and I'll find it. Or PM. Thanks and good luck.


Yes please do :slight_smile:


Meditation helps everything. It's not easy, however. Takes work and practice like anything else.


/very interested.

i've been wanting to do some shit like this for awhile now. beneficial for muscles or not, I want to calm my shit.


Meditation will definitely help cns recovery, all recovery & everything else. Read Hardcore Zen, by Brad Warner for a good start.


Schultzie its totally worth finding a teacher. Beware there are many, many frauds out there.


Teacher finds you.



Who Mr Miyagi?


Don't get lippy, grasshopper!


x2 i can never get freaking focused


So post/PM the link. I don't want to use my hands to find it.


Hell yeah! I've gotta try this shit out...


I came.




this might be the female version, I'm not sure


There seems to be something wrong with the volume on that mp3. It keeps dropping low and then back to normal again every few seconds, like an audio tape that's been corrupted by a magnet. :frowning:

I could try and normalize the volume with a sound editor I guess.

Is this the same copy you downloaded and used? Or did you use a different one?

I'm trying the torrent here: http://btsharing.com/torrent/81005/Isabella+Valentine-+Jackpot-No+Hands+Orgasm


That looks like Part 2, the sequel :slight_smile:

Apparently there is no male/female version, it works for all genders.