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Medicine Balls

Where’s the best place to buy heavy duty med balls that can be used for throws and tosses? I know Elite Fitness sells them in all weights and was just wondering if any place else did? Thanks for any feedback provided.

Hmm, I believe you can get some at www.ringside.com and www.titleboxing.com

Paul Chek sells them on his site. www.chekinstitute.com. Oh, where else? There's one other place, and I'll get that web address and post again.

Check out www.powersystems.com


I personally like the products from performbetter and the service is amazing. In faith, Coach Davies

I think I’ll be ordering off Elite Fitness Systems because they seem to have real heavy med balls. For a guy who has never done any med ball scoop throws, what weights do you think I should buy? I was thinking of starting off with a 10, 20, and 40 lb. ball. I’m pretty sure I could handle the 20 lb. one for a good distance and speed. I’m 6’1, 225 lbs., squat is low 400’s, bench is mid 300’s and deadlift is about 400 lbs. I’m fairly athletic and just want to make sure I make a good buy here. Thanks Coach.


KraigY beat me to the punch: powersystems.com. However, I’m going to check out the site that Coach D recommended. Must be good.

NIKE Goddess stores. Trust me. Best you’ll find. Don’t know why they aren’t everywhere nike is but they are only at the Goddess stores. I have destroyed many medicine balls. These are they best. They have managed to survive many “100 rep dunk ball Sets” with Coach D. Actually…when I went to buy the set I have now I ran into a Renegade right out in front. Spooky, we’re everywhere.

www.powersystems.com is a convention support place? What gives?

My focus with med ball work is generation of speed/velocity. Using heavy med balls while helpful in testing greatly limits the work you can perform. BTW - as Dark Renegade noted you can find very good med balls at Nike stores. Not to mention it is fun wathching him go “low-post” and perform 100+ dunks with various med balls. In faith, Coach Davies